Reseated & Refunded

Q. I suffer from anxiety when flying and do best at a window near the front of the plane, so when my husband and I flew to Ft Lauderdale to see our grandkids, I purchased seat 6A. Minutes before the flight boarded, I and 4 or 5 others were called to the desk and informed of our new seat assignments. I very calmly and nicely explained to the man that I am not a good flyer and that this seat would not work, that I have anxiety issues when flying, and that is why I had purchased my seat at additional cost.  He said to go ahead and sit there and a flight attendant would reseat me later.

With NO EXPLANATION I was reassigned to seat 20D. Definitely NOT a window and definitely not in the front of the plane and definitely no explanation of the seat reassignment.  As a result I spent the entire 2 hour flight fighting off an anxiety attack. None of the flight attendants would even look in my direction the entire time.
After a letter to Allegiant, they did credit the amount I paid for the seat, but still no explanation as to why I was moved. Especially after I explained my anxiety problem. What rights do I have, if any?

A. Unfortunately, seat assignments aren't guaranteed. Airlines may sometimes be forced to switch out aircraft for various reasons, which can cause last minute seat reshuffling - though that's pretty rare. Still, Allegiant should have immediately refunded the additional money you paid for 6A, without having to be reminded to do so. You paid extra for a seat that they failed to provide, end of story.