Why list Spirit fares without the extra fees?

Q. Why even list San Diego to Las Vegas as being a $60 fare? What Spirit Airlines doesn't get in airfare, they rake in on luggage fees. A $29 fare, plus a fee for checking luggage each way, plus a fee for a carry-on each way, plus a fee for a better seat if I'd like...My $60 round-trip ends up being $146 in total.

A. You can always pack light and place your bag under your seat for take off and landing (use it as a footrest during the flight). If it fits under your seat, there's no charge at all. And avoid choosing a seat in advance. If you do, you will indeed pay $60 round-trip, leaving on your chosen dates.

For the same trip, American charges $164, Delta $246, United $207, US Air $271 and Virgin $276.

Even with all the fees, it's a lot less than some other airlines. And again, those fees are all optional.