Q. I recently had a couple of hours before my flight when I arrived at the airport early, but I desperately wanted to watch a big basketball game that was in progress. So I waited in front of the airline’s airport lounge until I saw a friendly looking guy about to enter and asked if I could be his “guest” for a couple of hours, since members are allowed to bring guests in for free and there are always TV’s in the club rooms. Is there any rule or “law” against gaining entry to an airline lounge using this method? Other than getting kicked out, what’s the risk?

A. I’m pretty sure it’s against the spirit if not the letter of airline rules to invite a guest that you don’t know. United’s Club membership rules state, for example, that you must “accompany” your guests while they visit. And I imagine if an employee saw you lurking outside the club room door they’d get suspicious. You’re not going to get arrested. But your “host” might lose his membership if either of you is caught.

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