Q. In all of my prepping for a family trip to Barcelona this week, I forget to check the validity of my own passport. And apparently it expires exactly one week after I leave Barcelona and return home to the US. Should I be worried?

A. Spain is included in the Schengen nations, which require that your passport be valid for up to 3 months beyond your intended stay. And elsewhere in the world, you're required to have at least 6 months! So technically, yes, be a little worried. At least until you've successfully had your passport examined at the check-in desk and been allowed to pass through to boarding. Chances are once you've cleared check-in, they won't turn you away upon arrival in Spain, fingers crossed. Still, if you have a few days before you leave, and you want to be 100% positive that this won't ruin family vacation, it might be worth the expense of visiting an agency that specializes in rushed passports. Better safe than sorry.

passport image via Shutterstock

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