Q. After seeing all the flights cancelled from this latest snow storm on the East Coast, I have a question that I don't believe has ever been covered in your Q&A section.

We have a very expensive international trip coming up, leaving from New York's JFK; however, it is up to us to fly to JFK airport from our home airport. If our flight to JFK was cancelled and we missed the connection that is covered by our trip insurance, is anyone responsible for the expense of the trip? Our tour company trip insurance only covers the tour company's portion of the trip, which begins with the flight from JFK.

A. Chances are you're not covered. To be on the safe side, you should always leave a HUGE amount of connection time for JFK connections, especially in winter. And never buy insurance from your tour company! You'd be better off buying from a third party, such as those you'll find on Insuremytrip.com, a comparison shopping site.

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