Best Flexible Date Airfare Search

Q. What’s the best airfare search website for a retired couple like us who can fly anytime it’s cheap? In other words, we are looking for a site that makes it easier to find the cheapest airfare without worrying about specific dates of travel.

A. There are several good ones that allow you to specify a departure day, a length of stay, and then search over successive 30- or 60-day periods. Among them: Hotwire, Kayak, and Cheapair (although this last one charges a $9.95 booking fee, it shows fares over a 330-day period). United also has this feature, as does Southwest. Many other airline sites only search over a week at a time (or show results week-by-week only, or allow just a 1-to-3 day search before and after a specific date. Travelocity used to have a very useful flexible date calendar product but it’s been discontinued and Orbitz has hidden its flexible date search here.