Q. After all of the news articles this year about a possible merger between US Airways and American Airlines, I am concerned about the fate of my US Air Dividend Miles. I would love to continue earning or purchasing additional miles but am not sure if I should do that or not. Without hearing about any clear conclusion one way or the other if a merger will actually take place, does it behoove us to keep acquiring miles with US Air? I would hate to have a high mileage balance only to find out that the airline alliance where they are destined to go is one whose airline partners I don't fly based on their routes or personal preference. What are your thoughts?

A. I think that an American/US Airways merger is all but inevitable. Your US Air miles will be combined with whatever you might have in the American Aadvantage program. But US Airways is a member of the Star Alliance global airline network, and American is a member of the OneWorld network. Chances are good that your combined miles and alliance status will be transferred to OneWorld, since the combined airline will be under the American Airlines brand.

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