Q. I appreciate your site and have been a daily reader for at least 3 years. I have a gripe, however.

In recent months, you’ve increased the number of fares listed from Minneapolis MSP dramatically—as in over 100 fares today. I understand that there are reasons for separate listings to the same locale. But, you seem to list fares that really seem kind of standard price. For example, during a recent sale, West Coast fares to Tokyo were $1,100, when I paid about half that before. I don’t think Tokyo deserves to be in the Daily Airfare List when the cost is about “normal.” It’s just painful to scroll through that many deals that mainly aren’t really deals.

Why the change?

A. We understand your concerns.  Actually, some people love to see that they got the fare at a huge savings (if they grabbed a lower fare) and also, some higher fares may have fewer restrictions such as travel any day of the week rather than Tue/Wed only, so price isn't always the only consideration. Also, keep in mind that summer fares to certain destinations tend to skyrocket. As for the idea of a "standard" fare for any one route, remember that fares will fluctuate. Last summer's high may be this summer's bargain.

You can sort fares by price quite easily to only see fares under a certain price point.

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