Q. I am very baffled about my search today for a SkyMiles (frequent flyer) ticket to Detroit. Delta listed online a 7:00 a.m. flight 2290 that was perfect for me. Since there are two of us flying and I only have enough miles for one ticket I went online and could not find a matching flight for myself. How is this possible? I would really like to fly with my wife on the same flight.

A. I’m baffled too because Delta’s flight 2290 is currently scheduled to fly between Pittsburgh and Atlanta. It’s operated by an ancient DC-9-50 aircraft, which is one of the smallest “mainline” jets extant. If that was actually the flight you wanted to be on, it’s possible, although unlikely, that your wife got the last seat on the plane (routes are flying fuller than ever these days, especially over peak travel periods). In situations like this your best bet really is to speak to a Delta rep by phone. Perhaps he or she can put you on a wait list if indeed the flight is sold out.

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