Q. Do you know if non-refundable tickets purchased on United's website would be eligible for a refund? This is the information I found on its website: "A $150 administrative fee will be assessed for nonrefundable tickets for travel wholly within the U.S. or Canada. Fees vary for international tickets. Any applicable penalties are retroactive to the new fare ticket." Does this mean the ticket would have to decrease by $150 to make it worthwhile to request a voucher?  

A. Most airlines will deduct a fee when you change or cancel a non-refundable ticket, returning any amount left over in the form of a travel voucher. American, Delta, United and US Airways all charge $150 on a domestic fare, meaning that if the original fare was $150 or less you don’t get any money back (these airlines charge at least $250 on most international fares). Southwest doesn't charge a rebooking fee, giving you a credit voucher for a future flight in the full amount. JetBlue charges $100 for both domestic and international fares. Alaska charges $75 if the change is made online, $100 otherwise.

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