Q. If traveling with a small pet under the seat in a pet container are there any charges for the pet and, if not, is the pet and its container considered your carry on or are you allowed one carry on along with the pet?

A. Airlines do indeed charge a fee for pets carried in the cabin, and the fee varies between airlines. United Airlines, for example, charges $125 each way. Southwest charges $75 each way. You can easily find the fee for your airline by web-searching "[airline] + pet fee." Airlines limit the number of pets per cabin, so you should reserve a spot for your little buddy by phone at the same time you book your own flight. Make sure that your pet's container is small enough to fit in the seat in front of you (and that you don't book a bulk head seat, which won't have under seat storage). And unfortunately, your pet's container does count as your one carry on piece. The above information applies to domestic U.S. flights; fees and regulations may vary for international travel so check with your airline before booking your trip, and these fees and policies are subject change without notice.

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