A Guide to Air-Passenger Rights: Delta


Notifications of Delays, Cancellations, Diversions

Delta will provide full and timely information on the status of known delays, cancellations, and diversions within 30 minutes of Delta becoming aware of the change in the status of the flight by making announcements in the boarding gate area, through the use of gate-information display screens where available, through flight-information display screens where available, through a toll-free telephone number (1-800-325-1999), on Delta.com Flight Status & Updates, through Delta  One-Time flight-notification subscription service, and upon request through Delta's telephone reservation system (1-800-221-1212).

Cancellations by Traveler

If a passenger purchases a non-refundable ticket from Delta, it can be cancelled and refunded in fun until midnight, one day after the reservation is made. If the reservation is made on the date of travel, the passenger may cancel and refund a paid ticket in full until midnight that day.

Delta will issue refunds for eligible domestic and international tickets within seven business days after receiving a complete refund request for credit card purchases, and within twenty business days for purchases made by cash or check.

Cancellations Within Airline Control

In the event of a flight cancellation, diversion, a delay of more than 90 minutes, or a delay that will cause a passenger to miss connections, Delta will (at passenger's request) cancel the remaining ticket and refund the unused portion of the ticket and unused ancillary fees in the original form of payment.

If the passenger does not request a refund and cancellation of the ticket, Delta will transport the passenger to the destination on Delta's next flight on which seats are available in the class of service originally purchased. At Delta's sole discretion and if acceptable to the passenger, Delta may arrange for the passenger to travel on another carrier or via ground transportation. If acceptable to the passenger, Delta will provide transportation in a lower class of service, in which case the passenger may be entitled to a partial refund. If space on the next available flight is available only in a higher class of service than purchased, Delta will transport the passenger on the flight, although Delta reserves the right to upgrade other passengers on the flight according to its upgrade priority policy to make space in the class of service originally purchased.

Cancellations Beyond Airline Control

Delta has no liability if the flight cancellation was due to force majeure, which includes weather conditions and other unforeseen conditions.


However, when for reasons other than force majeure a passenger's travel is interrupted for more than four hours after the scheduled departure time as a result of flight cancellation or delay on the date of travel, Delta will provide the passenger with the following additional amenities during the delay: If overnight accommodations are available at Delta-contracted facilities, Delta will provide the passenger with a voucher for one night's lodging when the delay is between 10:00 PM and 6:00 AM.

Delta will provide free public ground transportation to the hotel if the hotel does not offer such service. If accommodations are not available, Delta will provide the passenger with a voucher that may be applied to future travel on Delta equal in value to the contracted hotel rate, up to $100 USD. In lieu of lodging or other amenities, if a passenger's flight is diverted to an alternative airport, Delta will furnish ground transportation to the destination airport if the destination on the ticket and the diverted airport destination fall into certain groups. Delta will provide additional amenities as are necessary to maintain the safety and/or welfare of passengers with special needs, such as unaccompanied children and passengers with disabilities.

Delta has no liability if the flight delay was due to force majeure, which includes weather conditions and other unforeseen conditions.

Onboard Ground Delays

Delta's contingency plan assures that Delta has sufficient resources and will meet the requirements of the DOT for extended tarmac delays. This includes the three-hour domestic flight-time limit. Delta will provide adequate food and potable water no later than two hours after the aircraft leaves the gate (in the case of departure) or touches down (in the case of arrival) if the aircraft remains on the tarmac, unless it's considered unsafe to do so, as well as operable lavatory services, medical attention, and comfortable cabin temperatures.

Overbookings (Involuntarily Denied Boarding)

Delta may deny boarding to passengers with confirmed reservations on an oversold flight. Before denying boarding to any passenger holding a confirmed reservation on an oversold flight, Delta will ask other passengers on the flight to voluntarily give up their seat in exchange for a transportation credit, which can be used toward the purchase of another Delta ticket to the destination of the passenger’s choice. Transportation credits are redeemable within one year on Delta.com.

Delta will transport the passenger who was denied boarding on its first available flight to the passenger's destination. If the transportation provided to a passenger requires that the passenger stay overnight before continuing his or her travel, Delta will provide hotel accommodations at Delta-contracted facilities to the passenger at no additional cost. If hotel accommodations are unavailable, Delta will compensate the passenger with a credit voucher valid for future purchases from Delta in an amount commensurate in value with the contracted hotel rate up to $100 USD.

For more information, visit Delta.com.

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