Weekend Fare of the Day

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Weekend Deal: Los Angeles - Honolulu $312 Roundtrip

Peter Thornton - March 26, 2019
Looking for a cheap weekend flight to Hawaii? Fly nonstop from Los Angeles to Honolulu…
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Weekend Deal: Los Angeles - Kalispell $207 Roundtrip, Nonstop Travel in June

Ricky Radka - February 28, 2019
For weekend travel in June, fly nonstop on one American Airline's newest seasonal routes from…
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Weekend Deal: Philadelphia - Myrtle Beach $86 Roundtrip, Nonstop, on Frontier

Megan Johnson - February 26, 2019
Fly nonstop from Philadelphia to Myrtle Beach for $86 roundtrip on Frontier for weekend travel. When I…
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Weekend Deal: Newark - Orlando $192 Roundtrip on United

Peter Thornton - February 22, 2019
For weekend travel in March and early April, fly nonstop from Newark to Orlando for…
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Summer Weekend Deal: Cleveland to Los Angeles $101 Roundtrip, Nonstop on United

Ricky Radka - February 21, 2019
For weekend travel this summer, fly nonstop from Cleveland to Los Angeles for $101 roundtrip…
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Weekend Deal: Seattle - Los Angeles $172 Roundtrip, Nonstop

Peter Thornton - February 20, 2019
For weekend travel, fly nonstop from Seattle to Los Angeles for $172 roundtrip on American,…
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Weekend Deal: New York - Seattle $197 Roundtrip, Nonstop for Winter/Spring Travel

Ricky Radka - February 19, 2019
For weekend travel this winter or spring, fly nonstop from New York-JFK to Seattle for…
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Weekend Deal: Atlanta - Orlando $97 Roundtrip on Jetblue or Delta

Peter Thornton - February 15, 2019
For weekend travel this spring, fly nonstop from Atlanta to Orlando for $97 roundtrip on…

Weekend Deal: New York - Tampa $232 Roundtrip on Delta

Peter Thornton - February 14, 2019
For weekend travel in March, fly nonstop from New York to Tampa for $232 roundtrip…
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Weekend Deal: Los Angeles - San Francisco $117 Roundtrip

Peter Thornton - February 13, 2019
Swap SoCal for NorCal or vice-versa for a quick weekend this winter/spring. Fly nonstop from…