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Close up of gloved hand holding a positive COVID-19 test

What Happens if You Test Positive for COVID-19 on Vacation?

Kiara Taylor - December 2, 2021
As COVID cases surge around the world, travelers with trips already booked may be wondering:…
Illustration of people waiting to board a plan during the COVID-19 pandemic

Traveling During COVID-19: Rules vs Reality

Peter Thornton - November 30, 2021
The coronavirus pandemic is not over yet but many countries around the world have begun…
Masked flight attendant standing in airport

Airlines Requiring COVID-19 Vaccines for Employees

Peter Thornton - October 21, 2021
Vaccine mandates are ramping up around the world now that there is evidence that we…
Close up image of COVID-19 vaccination record card and informational papers

Canada Will Require Vaccine to Fly: Will U.S. Follow?

Peter Thornton - August 25, 2021
Following a similar move in France, Canada recently announced that it will soon require vaccination…
Person holding at-home COVID-19 test reults

I Tested Out Two Packable COVID Tests to Fly Back Into the USA: This One Was the Clear Winner

Caroline Morse Teel - August 2, 2021
In order to return to the United States on an international flight, you’ll have to…
A passport, boarding pass, negative COVID-19 test, face mask, and airplane figurine on a grey background

6 Tips for Getting a COVID-19 Test for Travel

Caroline Morse Teel - July 27, 2021
Many international destinations are currently requiring proof of a negative COVID-19 test for travelers looking…
Border between the United States and Canada

When Will the US-Canada Border Open?

Megan Johnson - June 22, 2021
Since March of last year, the US-Canadian border has been closed. With summer quickly approaching,…
Close up of a Covid-19 test tube

CDC Changes COVID-19 Testing Requirements for International Flights

Caroline Morse Teel - May 11, 2021
Good news for travelers considering an international trip this summer—the CDC has slightly relaxed COVID-19…
Woman standing at arrivals/departures board in airport, wearing a face mask

When Will Borders Open?

Peter Thornton - April 20, 2021
It has now been over a year since borders around the world closed to international…
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How to Prepare for a Flight During COVID-19

Brittany VanDerBill - March 2, 2021
It’s no secret that the world has drastically changed since COVID-19 hit. If you’ve stayed…