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Travel insurance papers on a map with various travel items surrounding them

Should I Get Travel Insurance?

Alene Laney - December 22, 2021
As you're making travel plans for the upcoming year, you're probably wondering if you should…
Person booking flights through their laptop and smartphone

How Airfare Pricing Works

Alene Laney - October 1, 2021
Have you ever wondered why there are so many different prices for airfare?   Airlines work…
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8 Hacks for Scoring a Cheap Business Class Ticket

Alene Laney - September 8, 2021
Spacious seats, multi-course meals, priority boarding—what’s not to like about business class? The cost. Business…
Airplane figurine, cash, and a passport book on a blue background

7 Airfare Myths Busted

Alene Laney - September 2, 2021
Want to know what’s true and what isn’t when it comes to airfare? Surprisingly, some…
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The 10 Best Last-Minute Hotel Deals Sites

Alene Laney - July 15, 2021
If you’re feeling the itch to travel, but haven’t made plans yet, you’re in luck.…
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5 Secrets from a Former Timeshare Salesperson

Alene Laney - June 3, 2021
Would you trade your time for a fantastic deal on a resort? That’s exactly what…
Person holding cash and doing math on a calculator over a desk decorated with travel related items

13 Most Expensive Mistakes Travelers Make Abroad

Alene Laney - May 7, 2021
Vacations can be pretty expensive, especially when you’re traveling abroad in an unfamiliar place. There’s…
Person holding cash and doing math on a calculator over a desk decorated with travel related items

What is travel hacking—and should you be doing it?

Alene Laney - April 30, 2021
Can you really get free travel?  It sounds like a scam, but many travelers manage…
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14 Secret Money-Saving Hacks for Google's Hotel Search

Alene Laney - April 9, 2021
Google Hotel Search has more functionality than any other booking engine out there. The robust…
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15 Free Stopover Destinations to Maximize Your Vacation

Alene Laney - March 23, 2021
Editor’s note: Most airlines have paused these stopover benefits during the pandemic. Check with the…