Shannon McMahon

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What Your Plane Outfit Says About You

Shannon McMahon - July 27, 2016
Next time you're on a flight, look around. You'll probably be able to guess most…
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Would You Book a Trip Without Knowing the Destination? These Travelers Did.

Shannon McMahon - July 20, 2016
Ever wonder what it would be like to embark on a journey someone else planned…
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Off-Grid Ways to Truly Unplug on Vacation

Shannon McMahon - July 13, 2016
Travel is almost always a means of getting away—from work, from a chaotic schedule, and…
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Is Facebook Taking Over Airline Ticketing?

Shannon McMahon - June 22, 2016
The more Facebook swallows up entire businesses (read: Instagram, WhatsApp, Oculus VR) and expands its own…
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The 5 Rules of Reclining Your Airplane Seat

Shannon McMahon - June 1, 2016
Everybody travels differently—ocean or lake, hotel or rental, tropical island or snowy mountains. But where…

Secrets to Looking Stylish and Staying Comfortable on Vacation

Shannon McMahon - April 5, 2016
Looking and feeling put-together on your travels doesn't have to be an uphill battle. Simple…

How to Turn Your Smartphone into a Pro Camera

Shannon McMahon - February 24, 2016
Forget packing a clunky professional camera to ensure you'll capture lasting memories on your next…
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Master Google Flights with These Five Tricks

Shannon McMahon - January 12, 2016
How do you know if you're getting the cheapest flight? Travel experts have long relied…
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7 Most Annoying Things That Can Happen to You on a Plane

Shannon McMahon - December 9, 2015
Crowded planes, cramped seats, rude passengers—the list of in-flight inconveniences goes on and on. But…
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How to Stay Healthy While Traveling

Shannon McMahon - November 24, 2015
Whether it's a quick business trip or a relaxing vacation, traveling often comes at the…

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