Megan Johnson

North Cascades National Park

15 National Parks with Small Summer Crowds

Megan Johnson - May 11, 2021
Not to knock Yosemite, The Grand Canyon, Acadia, or Yellowstone, which are all glorious in…
woman relaxing on airplane with neck pillow

6 Hacks for Maximum Airplane Seat Comfort

Megan Johnson - May 10, 2021
Unless you’re flying in first or business, traveling on an airplane can be tough. You’re…
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The Best and Worst Airlines for 2020

Megan Johnson - May 5, 2021
Southwest has been named the top airline of 2020 and Frontier as the worst by…
A row of cars in numbered parking spots in a parking lot

5 Ways to Book a Car During the Car Rental Shortage

Megan Johnson - May 3, 2021
Typically, it can be a last-minute thing—you book your flight, your hotel, and lastly, you…
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6 Easy to Pack Shoes That Take Up Minimal Suitcase Space

Megan Johnson - April 16, 2021
There is nothing worse than packing up all of your clothes and toiletries, thinking your…
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The 7 Most Comfortable Flats for Travel

Megan Johnson - March 3, 2021
Comfort is key when picking out the perfect shoe for travel. But sometimes, we don’t…
rescue remedy bracelets travel pillow eye mask; Courtesy Amazon

10 Items to Help Calm Nervous Flyers

Megan Johnson - March 2, 2021
Are you afraid of flying? Does the thought of taking off cause you to hyperventilate?…
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The 6 Best Anti-Theft Bags for Travel

Megan Johnson - March 2, 2021
There are always a million things on our minds when we are getting ready for…
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10 Ankle Boots for Women That Are Perfect for Travel This Fall

Megan Johnson - February 2, 2021
With most kids going back to school this week, and Labor Day less than a…
purple compression socks, green and blue argyle compression socks

The Best Compression Socks for Long Flights

Megan Johnson - January 27, 2021 Do your feet swell when you fly? Are you afraid of deep vein thrombosis?…