While it seems that most of the time airlines are busy raising checked baggage fees or adding more restrictions to drive their clientele mad. In rare instances they actually do like to throw their customers a bone.

In another effort to improve it's SkyMiles program Delta Airlines has announced that it is now the only major U.S. carrier without mileage expiration. Quoting the email I just received from the carrier:

"You now can earn miles without worrying if and when they will expire as we have eliminated our mileage expiration policy - no asterisk, no fine print, no ifs, ands or buts."

Previously, SkyMiles would expire 24 months after a flier's last qualifying mileage activity. For most Delta SkyMiles frequent fliers this won't have much of an impact but for those who fly less often or use different carriers from time to time, it's a nice gesture. Let's hope other U.S. carriers follow the lead, eliminating last minute jaunts just to save expiring miles or buying items from airlines sponsored shopping sites in order to keep your account active.

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