Stranded at the airport or stuck in a city you don't know that well? Lonely Planet is offering a series of free iPhone, iPad, and iPod city guides for travelers stranded due to severe weather conditions.  Don't fret, those of you who are comfortably sitting at home that aren't stranded, these guides are available for you to download too.

These city guides usually run $6 a pop on iTunes, so grab them while they are free and then later on you can start planning for that upcoming vacation. This 'Snowmageddon' sale will be available until 6 p.m. PST, Friday, February 4, 2011. Stock up for free while you have the chance and then plan a trip to one of these 13 cities in the summer while the sun is out.

Free city guides:



Las Vegas

Los Angeles



New Orleans

New York City

San Francisco




Washington D.C.

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