Discovery+ let us virtually travel to the majestic Serengeti through their ground-breaking docuseries “Serengeti”, and now the show has returned for a second run with “Serengeti II”. Once you’ve devoured the new series (hungry lion style) and rewatched the original (every episode is now streaming on discovery+) you might be left wanting to see it all in real life with a visit to Serengeti National Park. For the safari trip of a lifetime, check out these five fabulously luxurious Serengeti safari camps. 

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Roving Bushtops

A bubble bath set into an outdoor patio attached to a large safari tent at sunset

The downside of a traditional safari camp or lodge: it can’t move around with the wildlife. Roving Bushtops solved this problem by creating mobile tents called “Rovers” that can easily be packed up and moved between sites, so guests can have luxury wherever they go. The camp usually moves locations twice a year to best take advantage of game viewing opportunities. 

The term “camp” is used loosely at Roving Bushtops, where the eight safari tents are actually five-star ensuite hotel rooms, complete with private outdoor hot tubs, 24-hour butler service, WiFi, king-size beds, and running water. 

Dunia Camp

The staff of Dunia Camp Serengeti safari company

To support local women, spend your safari dollars at Dunia Camp. the first (and only) safari camp in Africa that’s run entirely by women. With just eight tents at this boutique camp, you’ll feel like you have the Serengeti all to yourself (and thousands of animals). The camp maintains a community feel and buys fresh food from local farmers around the area.

Herds of migrating wildebeests often pass right by the camp, so when you’re not on game drives, you can enjoy epic wildlife viewing while relaxing in a leather armchair with a cold beverage. Or, get a more unique perspective from a hot-air balloon, one of the many special activities offered by Dunia. 

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One Nature Nyaruswiga

A free-standing bathtub in a luxurious tent with wooden floors and fixtures overlooking the Serengeti

Four-poster beds made from solid African Eucalyptus wood, European linens, and a wood-burning stove: all housed under canvas to make the world’s most luxurious tent, found at One Nature Nyaruswiga. In addition to your own personal tent paradise, there is a plunge pool and jacuzzi, stargazing deck (complete with powerful telescope), and an open-air massage area. 

With a location near the Seronera River that draws in wildlife, you won’t have to venture far from your comfortable tent for amazing animal experiences. 

Singita Mara River Tented Camp

A group of tourists and two tour guides in a safari vehicle driving through a body of water

Immerse yourself in nature at the Singita Mara River Tented Camp, which operates entirely off the grid. The camp uses a custom-designed solar system for power, and also utilizes recycled or natural materials wherever possible. Despite being off the grid, you’ll still have power in your luxury tent, as well as WiFi. 

Don’t worry, the solar power is enough to keep Singita Mara River’s wine cellar at the perfect temperature—the camp is renowned for its wine collection, and personalized tastings are on offer for guests. 

&Beyond Serengeti Under Canvas

Serengeti Under Canvas moves their entire camp five times a year to better position guests for wildlife viewing during the Great Migration. It’s an undertaking that’s almost as impressive as the animal’s migration—the staff moves nine tests (with ensuite flush toilets and comfortable beds), chandeliers, crystal, and custom-made rugs. 

The camp places a big emphasis on the environment, using a battery inverter system for power when possible, using minimal water, and opting for glass bottles over plastic. 

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