Oh, love. Emily Dickinson is famous for having written, “That I shall always love alway, I offer thee, that love is life, and life has immortality.” Emily was a notorious shut-in, so she doesn’t have much to offer as far as the best Valentine’s Day gifts for your traveling sweetheart, but that’s where I come in. As someone who tends to court cuties who, like me, love to travel, nothing says, “Hey, I might love you, in like an immortal way,” than a really good, totally practical gift. If you don’t have a sweetheart this year, I highly encourage you to treat yourself to one of these delightful gifts in preparation for your next solo trip. Because, as modern poet Beyonce sings, “Me, myself, and I, that’s all I got in the end.”

The Best Travel Bag for Valentine's Day

Whether your sweetie is due for a new suitcase or weekend bag, Away has you covered. Choose from a variety of carry-on suitcases that are TSA-approved and can charge your phone. If you’re looking for something bigger, you have a pick of additional sizes, colors, and styles. If you or your sweetie are more into weekend trips, The Weekender bag is a perfect gift on its own or as an addition to the suitcase your partner already loves.


The Best Neck Pillow for Valentine’s Day

We all need a little support, am I right? So why not treat your darling to a neck pillow that’s as supportive as you are in your relationship. This pillow will support your love from the front, the back, and the sides, so your partner will be pain-free by the end of any long flight. (Added bonus: You’ll no longer confuse the crook in their neck for the awkward beginnings of a kiss.) Responsive memory foam allows this pillow from Cabeau Evolution to conform to your person’s precious contours, and the compact travel case will save them plenty of space. What I’m trying to say is, I’d marry anyone who cares about my neck as much as this pillow does. Do with that what you will.


The Best Socks for Valentine’s Day

Okay, I get that this may not be the most romantic Valentine’s Day gift, but there’s something to be said for a gift that gets the blood flowing. Compression socks can help relieve pain in your sweetie’s legs and feet, increase circulation on a long flight, and keep their entire calf warm. What’s not to like about this thoughtful, cost-effective gift for the traveler you love most in your life?


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The Best Headphones for Valentine’s Day

These noise-canceling headphones by Sony are the best out there if you’re looking to impress your love by spending some dollars to enhance their auditory entertainment experience. One of the coolest features is by far the quick attention mode that instantly turns down the volume by easily covering the right ear cup.


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The Best eBook Reader for Valentine’s Day

For the partner who’s always saying they wish they read more (what are they called, books?), the Kindle Paperwhite is a nudge in the right direction. Perfect for travel, the Paperwhite is thin and light, and the glare-free display is great for any environment, day or night. This eReader is also waterproof and pairs with headphones or speakers. Enjoy an audiobook together poolside on your next vacation or take turns reading to each other while lounging in a spacious jacuzzi bathtub. Wow, I want your life.


The Best Water Bottle for Valentine’s Day

For the adventurer in your life, this reusable water bottle by LifeStraw filters water as you drink, removing 99.99% of waterborne bacteria. Leak-proof and durable, this bottle is a great companion for all sorts of adventures your love may have with you or alone. Keep your world traveler healthy and hydrated this Valentine’s Day. They’ll be sure to be thirsty once they receive this thoughtful gift from you.

The Best Snacks for Valentine’s Day

I don’t know about you, but I have rarely felt more loved than when my beau has hand-delivered me a thoughtfully-timed snack. Try The World delivers gift boxes filled with snacks from around the world. Buy your loved one a box full of snacks from the next country they plan to visit or choose a box filled with treats from around the world. They’ll be sure to think of you amorously as they happily nosh.


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