Don't miss out on these unbeatable fares to Hong Kong and beyond during five-star airline Cathay Pacific's Black Friday sale. Some city-to-city pairs are discounted up to 70% off regular rates with the cheapest economy class options starting at just $593 roundtrip.

This is Cathay's biggest sale of the year, so if you've ever wanted to experience Cathay's award-winning service for over half off, then now's the time to book.

Travel Availability

  • Travel Period: January 10  - May 15, 2020
  • Travel Days of the Week: Daily departures on most routes.
  • Blackout Dates: None listed, but many fares may be scarce in late March and early April.
  • Minimum Stay: None required

Sale Period

Tickets must be purchased by Tuesday, December 3, 2019, at 11:59 pm ET.

Black Friday Sale Fares Include

Cheap nonstop flights to Hong Kong (HKG)

Los Angeles to Hong Kong $523 roundtrip

San Francisco to Hong Kong $549 roundtrip

Seattle to Hong Kong $549 roundtrip

Boston to Hong Kong $619 roundtrip

Chicago-ORD to Hong Kong $619 roundtrip

New York-JFK to Hong Kong $619 roundtrip

Newark to Hong Kong $619 roundtrip

Washington DC-IAD to Hong Kong $619 roundtrip

Cheap flights to Bangkok (BKK)

Los Angeles to Bangkok $555 roundtrip

San Francisco to Bangkok $555 roundtrip

Seattle to Bangkok $655 roundtrip

Boston to Bangkok $655 roundtrip

Chicago-ORD to Bangkok $655 roundtrip

New York-JFK to Bangkok $655 roundtrip

Newark to Bangkok $655 roundtrip

Washington DC-IAD to Bangkok $655 roundtrip

Cheap flights to Bali (DPS)

Los Angeles to Bali $545 roundtrip

San Francisco to Bali $545 roundtrip

Seattle to Bali $645 roundtrip

New York-JFK to Bali $645 roundtrip

Newark to Bali $660 roundtrip

Washington DC-IAD to Bali $660 roundtrip

Cheap flights to Chennai (MAA)

Chicago-ORD to Chennai $655 roundtrip

Los Angeles to Chennai $699 roundtrip

San Francisco to Chennai $699 roundtrip

Cheap flights to Guangzhou (CAN)

San Francisco to Guangzhou $541 roundtrip

Seattle to Guangzhou $541 roundtrip

Boston to Guangzhou $591 roundtrip

New York-JFK to Guangzhou $591 roundtrip

Newark to Guangzhou $591 roundtrip

Washington DC-IAD to Guangzhou $591 roundtrip

Cheap flights to Ho Chi Minh City (SGN)

Los Angeles to Ho Chi Minh City $551 roundtrip

San Francisco to Ho Chi Minh City $551 roundtrip

Seattle to Ho Chi Minh City $651 roundtrip

Boston to Ho Chi Minh City $651roundtrip

New York-JFK to Ho Chi Minh City $651 roundtrip

Newark to Ho Chi Minh City $651 roundtrip

Washington DC-IAD to Ho Chi Minh City $651 roundtrip

Cheap flights to Kuala Lumpur (KUL)

Los Angeles to Kuala Lumpur $551 roundtrip

San Francisco to Kuala Lumpur $551 roundtrip

Boston to Kuala Lumpur $651 roundtrip

New York-JFK to Kuala Lumpur $651 roundtrip

Cheap flights to Manila (MNL)

Los Angeles to Manila $539 roundtrip

San Francisco to Manila $539 roundtrip

Seattle to Manila $639 roundtrip

Boston to Manila $639 roundtrip

Chicago-ORD to Manila $639 roundtrip

New York-JFK to Manila $639 roundtrip

Newark to Manila $639 roundtrip

Washington DC-IAD to Manila $639 roundtrip

Cheap flights to Singapore (SIN)

Los Angeles to Singapore $565 roundtrip

Seattle to Singapore $665 roundtrip

Boston to Singapore $665 roundtrip

Chicago-ORD to Singapore $665 roundtrip

New York-JFK to Singapore $665 roundtrip

Newark to Singapore $665 roundtrip

Washington DC-IAD to Singapore $665 roundtrip

Cheap flights to Taipei (TPE)

Newark to Taipei $645 roundtrip

Boston to Taipei $745 roundtrip

Chicago-ORD to Taipei $745 roundtrip

Washington DC-IAD to Taipei $745 roundtrip

Cheap flights to Xiamen (XMN)

Chicago-ORD to Xiamen $591 roundtrip

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Sale fares include a carry-on bag, a personal item, and two free checked bags up to 50lbs/23kg each.

Seat Assignments

Seats will be assigned at random upon check-in for these prices. You may pay a fee to choose a specific seat.

Example Booking

As an example, I found seats departing Seattle SEA on Friday, March 13, returning from Hong Kong HKG on Sunday, March 22, 2020, for $549 roundtrip.

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