Low-cost Mexican carrier Volaris released its monthly "flights on the fly" flash sale today. This time, May 2020 flights are on sale for as low as $143 roundtrip from US airports to Mexico.

Travel Availability

  • Travel Period: May 1 - 31, 2020.
  • Travel Days of the Week: Scattered travel dates depending on the route.
  • Blackout Dates: No listed blackout dates but these fares are very limited.

Many routes are only operated on limited days each week and these fares are all very scarce. You may have to adjust your travel dates to find flights. Click on the fare details below for specifics.

Sale Period

This sale officially ends at 11:59 pm CT, November 13, 2019, but seats are selling out quickly.

Sample Fares

Nonstop Flights to Mexico City (MEX) for $176 roundtrip

Denver to Mexico City $176 roundtrip

Los Angeles to Mexico City $176 roundtrip

Orlando to Mexico City $176 roundtrip

Miami to Mexico City $176 roundtrip

Chicago-O'Hare to Mexico City $176 roundtrip

San Antonio to Mexico City $176 roundtrip

Las Vegas to Mexico City $176 roundtrip

Oakland to Mexico City $211 roundtrip

Nonstop Flights to Guadalajara (GDL) for $162 roundtrip

Charlotte to Guadalajara $162 roundtrip

Dallas to Guadalajara $162 roundtrip

Houston to Guadalajara $162 roundtrip

Los Angeles to Guadalajara $162 roundtrip

Portland to Guadalajara $162 roundtrip

Seattle to Guadalajara $162 roundtrip

Reno to Guadalajara $162 roundtrip

Phoenix to Guadalajara $162 roundtrip

New York to Guadalajara $162 roundtrip

Nonstop Flights to Leon/Guanajuato (BJX) for $161 roundtrip

Los Angeles to Leon/Guanajuato $161 roundtrip

Chicago-Midway to Leon/Guanajuato $161 roundtrip

Oakland to Leon/Guanajuato $161 roundtrip

San Jose to Leon/Guanajuato $161 roundtrip

Sacramento to Leon/Guanajuato $161 roundtrip

Fresno to Leon/Guanajuato $161 roundtrip

Nonstop Flights to Other Cities in Mexico from $143+ roundtrip

Phoenix to Puerto Vallarta $143 roundtrip

Los Angeles to Uruapan $147 roundtrip

Chicago to Aguascalientes $150 roundtrip

Los Angeles to Oaxaca $151 roundtrip

Chicago to Queretaro $156 roundtrip

Los Angeles to Zacatecas $170 roundtrip

Dallas to Durango $172 roundtrip

This is not a complete list. All nonstop routes on Volaris to Mexico have some incredible deals today. You must be very flexible with travel dates to get these prices.

These roundtrip prices include the $29 USD non-resident fee for flights to Mexico. Price will be about $29 less for Mexican passport holders or others exempt from this fee.


These basic fares include two full-size carry-on bags, but there is a weight limit of 22 lbs total between these two bags. If you think your carry-on bags look heavy enough to actually get weighed at the airport, you can purchase extra weight allowance for your carry-on bags starting at $24 each way when booked online. Checked bag fees start at $38 each way.

Seat Assignments

Seats will be assigned at random upon check-in for these prices. You may pay a fee to choose a specific seat.

Alternate Fares

Volaris also sells bundled classic and plus fares, but you will likely find that simply adding any extra service you need to the basic fare will be cheaper than purchasing a bundled fare.

Flights within Mexico are also on sale for $299 MXN pesos (~$15 USD) one-way, which could allow you to combine a few one-way flights and see a few different cities in Mexico at these ultra-low fares. And if you're in the San Diego area, make sure to check out flights from Tijuana (TIJ), which you can access directly from the U.S. side of the border via the Cross Border Xpress bridge.

For more deals to Mexico, have a look at all of our fares on all airlines to Mexico City (MEX)Guadalajara (GDL), and Leon/Guanajuato (BJX).

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Example Booking

As an example, searching on Volaris.com, I found a flight departing New York JFK on Friday, May 1, returning from Guadalajara on Tuesday, May 12, for $162 roundtrip.


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