Need a last-minute flight for Halloween? Forget the broomstick and fly nonstop on Jetblue for $31 one-way. All nonstop domestic routes that JetBlue operates on October 31, 2019, are on sale. Get to booking, cause these scary good deals could be gone before you stop screaming.

Since these fares are only available for one-way travel on one specific date, October 31, 2019, you'll likely have to combine with another low fare in order to get a deal on a roundtrip flight over Halloween or Dia de los Muertos. For those looking to take a day trip on Halloween, you may be able to score a $61 roundtrip flight depending on the flight schedule.

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Travel Availability

  • Travel Period: October 31, 2019 only!
  • Travel Days of the Week: Thursday a.k.a. Halloween!

Sale Period

This sale officially ends October 31, 2019, at 11:59 pm ET, or local time, but chances are these prices will be gone in a flash. Flights are selling out quickly. Book now while supplies last!

Sample Nonstop Sale Fares

Below are a few sample sale deals, but with over 300 routes slashed down in these Hal-LOW-een deals, we only listed enough to fit in your candy bag.

One-Way Deals

Aguadilla to Orlando $27 one-way Sold Out!

Ponce to New York $27 one-way

Charlotte to Boston $29 one-way

New York to Los Angeles $31 one-way Sold Out!

Los Angeles to New York $31 one-way

New York to Atlanta $31 one-way

New York to Chicago $31 one-way

New York to Las Vegas $31 one-way Sold Out! Now $55 one-way via BOS.

New York to Ft. Lauderdale $31 one-way

New York to New Orleans $31 one-way Sold Out! Now $55 one-way via BOS.

New York to San Francisco $31 one-way

New York to San Diego $31 one-way

New York to Savannah $31 one-way

Boston to New York $31 one-way

Boston to Phoenix $31 one-way Sold Out! Now $55 one-way via FLL.

Boston to Seattle $31 one-way

Boston to Orlando $31 one-way

Boston to Washington D.C. $31 one-way

Boston to Austin $31 one-way

Boston to San Juan $31 one-way Sold Out! Now $51 one-way via JFK.

Boston to Los Angeles $31 one-way

Ft. Lauderdale to Las Vegas $31 one-way

Ft. Lauderdale to Nashville $31 one-way

Ft. Lauderdale to Los Angeles $31 one-way

Philadelphia to Ft. Lauderdale $31 one-way

Buffalo to Ft. Lauderdale $31 one-way

San Diego to Ft. Lauderdale $31 one-way

Salt Lake City to Orlando $31 one-way

Newburgh to Orlando $31 one-way

Los Angeles to Orlando $31 one-way Sold Out!

Long Beach to New York $31 one-way

Denver to New York $31 one-way

Phoenix to New York $31 one-way Sold Out!

Burbank to Boston $31 one-way

Ft. Myers to Boston $31 one-way

San Diego to Boston $31 one-way

New York to San Juan $31 one-way Sold Out! Now $51 one-way via MCO.

San Juan to St. Thomas $31 one-way

Washington D.C. to San Juan $31 one-way Sold Out! Now $51 one-way via Florida or Boston.

Halloween Day Trip Roundtrip Flights

Take the first flight out and return later on the same day. These flights all allow for at least 6 hours in the destination and most allow for a full Halloween day in a new place. Certain flights may sell out quickly!

Charlotte to Boston $60 roundtrip

New York to Atlanta $61 roundtrip

Boston to Nashville $61 roundtrip

Boston to Las Vegas $61 roundtrip

Boston to New York $61 roundtrip

Hartford to Ft. Lauderdale $61 roundtrip

Buffalo to Orlando $61 roundtrip

Baltimore to Boston $61 roundtrip

Washington D.C. to Boston $61 roundtrip

Newark to West Palm Beach $61 roundtrip

Westchester County to Ft. Lauderdale $61 roundtrip

New York to Burlington $61 roundtrip

New York to San Diego $61 roundtrip

New York to Seattle $61 roundtrip

Long Beach to Salt Lake City $61 roundtrip

Minneapolis to Boston $61 roundtrip

Richmond to Orlando $61 roundtrip

Seattle to Long Beach $61 roundtrip

Long Beach to Las Vegas $61 roundtrip

Syracuse to New York $61 roundtrip

Fares may work in reverse on some routes, but as fares are selling out and/or due to flight schedules, this may not be the case.

This is not even close to a full list of deals. For more amazing Halloween fares, have a look at all of our fares on JetBlue.

And if there isn't a nonstop flight available on a route you'd like, you may be able to find a connecting flight for $55 one-way on October 31 only!

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These fares include one small personal item and one standard piece of carry-on luggage. Checked bag fees start at $30 each way.

Seat Assignments

You may choose your own assignments from standard economy class seats that are still available at no extra charge.

Example Booking

As an example, I found seats on a nonstop one-way flight, departing Los Angeles LAX on Thursday, October 31, for $31.


And check this out! If you take that red-eye flight, you can spend a full day in NYC and fly back to LA at the end of the day for just $61 roundtrip. Update: This roundtrip deal is no longer available as these flight times have sold out. However, you can still get $31 one-way flights!


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