Fly for just a couple pennies (plus taxes) on Frontier Airlines. This week's sale is not as widespread as the previous couple of sales, but there are still several routes on sale for less than a tank of gas. After taxes and mandatory fees, we're seeing around 100 routes with fares between $10 - $15 one-way or $25 - $29+ roundtrip. There are also many other routes on sale for under $100 roundtrip.

Frontier even eliminated its online booking fee for these super-low fares so this is the absolute lowest price you can get on these flights. Bag fees are extra unless you can travel with just a small backpack. Book quickly, cause you may never see these prices again on many of these flights.

Travel Availability

  • Travel Period: Now through February 12, 2020.
  • Travel Days of the Week: Sale fares are valid any day/week depending on the route. Each route will have different restrictions.
  • Blackout Dates: November 27, 30, December 1, and December 20, 2019 - January 6, 2020.

Some routes will only have very limited availability at these rock-bottom fares and most routes are only flown on specific days of the week. Not all fares will be valid for both fall and winter travel. Click on the fare details below for booking info.

Sale Period

Tickets must now be booked by 11:59 pm ET, November 20, 2019, or while supplies last.

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Sample Fares

All fares are nonstop and work in the reverse direction as well.

Denver Routes

Denver to St. Louis $29 roundtrip

Denver to Houston $29 roundtrip

Denver to Albuquerque $29 roundtrip

Bentonville to Denver $29 roundtrip

Dallas to Denver $29 roundtrip

Des Moines to Denver $29 roundtrip

Minneapolis to Denver $29 roundtrip

Omaha to Denver $29 roundtrip

Denver to Billings $29 roundtrip

Denver to Wichita $29 roundtrip

Florida Routes

Greenville to Orlando $25 roundtrip

Orlando to Charlotte $28 roundtrip

Atlanta to Orlando $29 roundtrip

Philadelphia to Orlando $29 roundtrip

Harrisburg to Orlando $29 roundtrip

Orlando to Nashville $29 roundtrip

Cincinnati to Tampa $29 roundtrip

Tampa to Atlanta $29 roundtrip

Raleigh to Miami $29 roundtrip

Cincinnati to Ft. Myers $29 roundtrip

Vegas Routes

Los Angeles to Las Vegas $29 roundtrip

Phoenix to Las Vegas $29 roundtrip

San Francisco to Las Vegas $29 roundtrip

Orange County to Las Vegas $29 roundtrip

Spokane to Las Vegas $29 roundtrip

Seattle to Las Vegas $29 roundtrip

San Diego to Las Vegas $29 roundtrip

Sacramento to Las Vegas $29 roundtrip

Las Vegas to Colorado Springs $29 roundtrip

Las Vegas to Reno $29 roundtrip

Other Routes

Charlotte to Philadelphia $28 roundtrip

Philadelphia to Nashville $29 roundtrip

Altlanta to Raleigh $29 roundtrip

Long Island-Islip to Atlanta $29 roundtrip

Phoenix to San Diego $29 roundtrip

Trenton to Raleigh $29 roundtrip

Austin to New Orleans $29 roundtrip

Cincinnati to New Orleans $29 roundtrip

This is not a complete list of sale fares by any means. There are many more routes available for just $29 roundtrip and even more for less than $100. You'll have to decline all extras to get the lowest price.


These fares only include one small personal item. Checked bag fees start at $30-$35 each way when purchased during the initial booking. Larger carry-on bag fees start at $35-$40 each way.

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Seat Assignments

Seats will be assigned at random upon check-in for these prices. You may pay a fee to choose a specific seat.

Alternate Fares

Frontier offers the Works bundle, which can be added to any flight during the initial booking. It includes a standard carry-on bag plus a personal item, one free checked bag, seat selection (including stretch seating), priority boarding, flight flexibility, and refundability. This is a value if you want all of these amenities, but chances are you can get away with just adding what you need à la carte for cheaper.

Example Booking

Searching Frontier's site, I found a flight departing Dallas DFW on Tuesday, January 7, returning from Denver DEN on Tuesday, January 14, for $29 roundtrip. There isn't an online booking fee (carrier interface charge) for this fare, and therefore, it won't be any cheaper at the airport.



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