It’s back and better than ever! Flights to Europe for less than $300 roundtrip from nearly every airport in the U.S. American Airlines and Oneworld partners British Airways, Iberia, and Finnair are selling tickets to Berlin (TXL), Frankfurt (FRA), Munich (MUC), and Vienna (VIE) at deep discounts from across the nation. Fares are as low as $236 roundtrip.

Update 12:30 pm, ET, August 1This sale has expired and fares are now over $1000 from most cities. Nationwide sales like this usually only last a few hours. Sign up for free airfare alerts to be first to know about the next big deal.

Major Nationwide Sale on Flights to Europe

Similar sales have been popping up the last few weeks, but I wouldn’t count on this to keep happening weekly and this deal has been the best one so far. These sales often end in a flash, so get to booking now for a super cheap flight to Europe.

In addition to nationwide deals to the cities listed above, Oneworld airlines have doubled down with crazy low fares to several other cities in Germany, Switzerland, and Belgium, from major markets in New York City, San Francisco, and Los Angeles.

Travel Availability

The lowest fares are for travel on Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays.

For all routes except to Frankfurt, you’ll find the lowest fares for travel from late October through early April. Flights from the NYC area, SF Bay Area, and LA Area also follow these rules for the lowest fares to Frankfurt.

The lowest fares to Frankfurt from all other cities are valid for departures from the USA in September, returning from Frankfurt in either September or October. The lowest fares to Frankfurt pop-up again for travel in April and May. Fares to Frankfurt for travel between October and March are about $30-$60 more roundtrip.

Peak holiday travel dates in late December and early January are blacked out and there is a minimum 7-night stay required to get these fares.

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Sale Period

This sale is unadvertised and fares may jump at any moment. Book now to avoid missing out. Try many different booking sites if you are finding prices jumping since inventory can go fast and may be available through another booking engine. And sign up for fare alerts to find out about the next big deal.

Sample Fares

Unadvertised sale has expired! Fares are now over $1000 from most cities.

Nearly every U.S. airport to Vienna (VIE) ~$294 roundtrip

San Juan to Vienna $236 roundtrip

Los Angeles to Vienna $267 roundtrip

Tucson to Vienna $282 roundtrip

Eugene to Vienna $282 roundtrip

Kalamazoo to Vienna $289 roundtrip

Washington D.C. to Vienna $290 roundtrip

San Francisco to Vienna $290 roundtrip

San Diego to Vienna $290 roundtrip

Nashville to Vienna $290 roundtrip

San Antonio to Vienna $292 roundtrip

Norfolk to Vienna $292 roundtrip

Key West to Vienna $292 roundtrip

Des Moines to Vienna $294 roundtrip

Baton Rouge to Vienna $305 roundtrip

Roswell to Vienna $334 roundtrip

Nearly every U.S. airport to Munich (MUC) ~$331 roundtrip

New York to Munich $291 roundtrip

Newark to Munich $291 roundtrip

St. Croix to Munich $301 roundtrip

San Jose to Munich $325 roundtrip

Cleveland to Munich $331 roundtrip

Memphis to Munich $331 roundtrip

Omaha to Munich $331 roundtrip

Roanoke to Munich $331 roundtrip

Lansing to Munich $337 roundtrip

Missoula to Munich $350 roundtrip

Nearly every U.S. airport to Berlin (TXL) ~$334 roundtrip

New York to Berlin $287 roundtrip

St. Thomas to Berlin $293 roundtrip

Baltimore to Berlin $318 roundtrip

Seattle to Berlin $332 roundtrip

Raleigh to Berlin $332 roundtrip

St. Louis to Berlin $334 roundtrip

Tampa to Berlin $334 roundtrip

Providence to Berlin $343 roundtrip

Fargo to Berlin $343 roundtrip

Bakersfield to Berlin $346 roundtrip

Nearly every U.S. airport to Frankfurt (FRA) ~$390 roundtrip

New York to Frankfurt $304 roundtrip

Oakland to Frankfurt $330 roundtrip

Burbank to Frankfurt $347 roundtrip

Greenville to Frankfurt $386 roundtrip

Santa Fe to Frankfurt $389 roundtrip

Indianapolis to Frankfurt $390 roundtrip

Charleston to Frankfurt $390 roundtrip

Panama City Beach to Frankfurt $390 roundtrip

College Station to Frankfurt $393 roundtrip

Colorado Springs to Frankfurt $393 roundtrip

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NYC / LA / SF to Belgium, Germany, and Switzerland ~$250 - $350 roundtrip

New York to Zurich $248 roundtrip

New York to Brussels $252 roundtrip

Newark to Geneva $267 roundtrip

San Francisco to Zurich $268 roundtrip

Los Angeles to Zurich $284 roundtrip

Los Angeles to Geneva $284 roundtrip

New York to Hamburg $287 roundtrip

San Francisco to Geneva $287 roundtrip

Los Angeles to Brussels $292 roundtrip

San Jose to Brussels $294 roundtrip

New York to Hanover $304 roundtrip

Newark to Stuttgart $308 roundtrip

Newark to Dusseldorf $311 roundtrip

Los Angeles to Dusseldorf $328 roundtrip

San Jose to Stuttgart $328 roundtrip

San Francisco to Hanover $331 roundtrip

Oakland to Hamburg $339 roundtrip

Oakland to Dusseldorf $346 roundtrip

Burbank to Hamburg $359 roundtrip

Orange County to Stuttgart $362 roundtrip

Long Beach to Hanover $365 roundtrip

This is just a sample of fares, there are many more included in this nationwide sale. Even if your city isn't listed, make sure to check the price from your local airport for a super deal.

The most notable omissions from this particular sale are several hub cities like Chicago, Atlanta, Boston, Cincinnati, Detroit, Minneapolis, Salt Lake City, Houston, Denver, Charlotte, Miami, Philadelphia, Dallas, Phoenix, and a few other cities where Oneworld airlines have nonstop flight options from the U.S. to Europe such as Austin, Pittsburgh, and New Orleans.

Unfortunately, Hawaii and Alaska are also excluded. And of course, since this is a sale on American, any airport where American Airlines doesn't fly will not have similar pricing.


These are Basic Economy fares, which only include a carry-on bag plus one personal item. Other restrictions apply. The first checked piece of luggage will cost $60 each-way.

Seat Assignments

Seats will be assigned at random upon check-in for these prices. You may be able to pay a fee to choose a seat.

Alternate Fares

Upgrading to Main Cabin Economy will cost an additional $140-$160 roundtrip. This type of fare includes one free checked bag, seat selection, and the ticket will be eligible for upgrades. American allows ticket changes (fee applies) on both Basic Economy and Main Cabin Economy fares for European flights.

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Example Booking

As an example, I found a flight departing San Juan SJU on Wednesday, November 6, returning from Vienna VIE on Wednesday, November 13, for $236 roundtrip.

cheap flight from san juan puerto rico to vienna for 236 roundtrip on iberia

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