Once again, you can fly from nearly every airport in the U.S. to Europe in the $300s and $400s roundtrip. American Airlines along with partners British Airways, Iberia, and Finnair are selling tickets to Berlin (TXL), Frankfurt (FRA), Munich (MUC), Hamburg (HAM), and Zurich (ZRH) at deep discounts from across the nation. Fares are as low as $354 roundtrip.

A similar sale popped up to a few of these cities last week, but it lasted less than a day, and was for late fall/winter/spring travel only. This week, early fall travel dates are available, which means you may be able to score a deal for Oktoberfest. This year, Oktoberfest falls between September 21 - October 6, 2019.

Another great thing about this week's sale is that flights to Frankfurt (FRA) are included, which is a great place to fly if you're looking for a flight over Oktoberfest since peak Oktoberfest travel dates to Munich (MUC) are mostly much higher in price. Simply take the train from Frankfurt to Munich if you want to check out Oktoberfest and you could save a lot.

Travel Availability

Travel on Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays, from September 30 - October 24, 2019.

Flights departing on August 22, or on earlier dates in September may have fares for around $50 more roundtrip. Flights from Chicago and Houston are priced slightly higher than most, but the fares from these cities are available for year-round, daily travel.

Sale Period

This sale is unadvertised, and fares may jump at any moment. Book now to avoid missing out. Try many different booking sites if you are finding prices jumping since inventory is going fast and may be available through another booking engine. And sign up for fare alerts to find out about the next big deal.

Sample Fares

Nearly every U.S. airport to Zurich (ZRH) ~$360 roundtrip

San Francisco to Zurich $354 roundtrip

Baltimore to Zurich $357 roundtrip

Grand Rapids to Zurich $357 roundtrip

Charleston to Zurich $373 roundtrip

Seattle to Zurich $375 roundtrip

Cheyenne to Zurich $384 roundtrip

Fresno to Zurich $386 roundtrip

Nearly every U.S. airport to Munich (MUC) ~$400 roundtrip

Washington D.C. to Munich $399 roundtrip

Indianapolis to Munich $399 roundtrip

Las Vegas to Munich $399 roundtrip

Colorado Springs to Munich $402 roundtrip

Burbank to Munich $412 roundtrip

Duluth to Munich $428 roundtrip

Chicago to Munich $508 roundtrip

Nearly every U.S. airport to Frankfurt (FRA) ~$415 roundtrip

St. Louis to Frankfurt $413 roundtrip

Ft. Lauderdale to Frankfurt $413 roundtrip

Portland to Frankfurt $414 roundtrip

Minneapolis to Frankfurt $415 roundtrip

Tucson to Frankfurt $416 roundtrip

Albany to Frankfurt $422 roundtrip

Houston to Frankfurt $522 roundtrip

Nearly every U.S. airport to Hamburg (HAM) ~$450 roundtrip

Miami to Hamburg $403 roundtrip

Los Angeles to Hamburg $440 roundtrip

Nashville to Hamburg $447 roundtrip

Green Bay to Hamburg $451 roundtrip

Akron to Hamburg $451 roundtrip

Newark to Hamburg $457 roundtrip

Flagstaff to Hamburg $501 roundtrip

Nearly every U.S. airport to Berlin (TXL) ~$460 roundtrip

Kansas City to Berlin $411 roundtrip

Orlando to Berlin $415 roundtrip

New York to Berlin $430 roundtrip

San Diego to Berlin $464 roundtrip

Tallahassee to Berlin $467 roundtrip

Bozeman to Berlin $474 roundtrip

Long Beach to Berlin $478 roundtrip

This is just a sample of fares, there are much more included in this nationwide sale. Even if your city isn't listed, make sure to check the price from your local airport for a super deal.

The most notable omissions from this sale are certain hub cities like Atlanta, Cincinnati, Detroit, Salt Lake City, Denver, Charlotte, Philadelphia, Dallas, Phoenix, and a few other cities where Oneworld airlines have nonstop flight options from the U.S. to Europe such as Austin and Pittsburgh. Of course, since this is a sale on American, any airport where American Airlines doesn't fly won't have similar pricing.


These are Basic Economy fares, which only include a carry-on bag plus one personal item. Other restrictions apply. The first checked piece of luggage will cost $60 each-way. In some cases, it is the same price for an upgrade to a Main Cabin Economy fare, which includes one free checked bag.

Seat Assignments

Seats will be assigned at random upon check-in for these prices. You may be able to pay a fee to choose a seat.

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Alternate Fares

Upgrading to Main Cabin Economy will cost an additional $120-$160 roundtrip, and will include one free checked bag, seat selection, and the ticket will be eligible for upgrades. American allows ticket changes (fee applies) on both Basic Economy and Main Cabin Economy fares for European flights.

Example Booking

As an example, I found a flight departing Cheyenne CYS on Tuesday, October 8, returning from Zurich ZRH on Tuesday, October 15, for $384 roundtrip.

Cheap flight from Cheyenne (CYS) to Zurich (ZRH) for $384 roundtrip on American

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