The flight deals to Europe have hit nearly every single airport in the U.S. American Airlines along with partners British Airways, Iberia, and Finnair are selling tickets to Berlin (TXL), Munich (MUC), Vienna (VIE), and Zurich (ZRH) in the $300s roundtrip from both small and large airports across the nation. A few cities even dip below $300—as low $285 roundtrip.

UPDATE 4:45 pm ET, July 18, 2019: It appears most of these fares have gone way up in price and are now over $1,000 on most routes. Make sure to sign up for fare alerts to be first to find out about the next big deal.

It's rare to see a deal like this so widespread so take advantage of it while you can. We mentioned many larger U.S. cities to Munich earlier and these fares have dropped an extra $10 from this morning, which is usually an indication that they are about to go way back up in price.

Travel Availability

Travel on Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays, from late October through May. Routes to Munich or from certain Delta hubs are only available for travel through early April. Fares in the mid-$400s from certain Delta hubs and Houston are on United and Star Alliance partners. All other routes are on American and Oneworld partners.

Many routes only require a 28-day advance purchase and might also have availability in late August, September, and early October. Dates may be scarce in this period, not available, or fares may only be slightly higher.

Peak winter holiday travel dates are blacked out, and a Saturday night or 7-night minimum stay is required.

Sale Period

This sale is unadvertised, and fares may jump at any moment. Book now to avoid missing out. And sign up for fare alerts to find out about the next big deal.

Sample Fares

Flights on American have all gone way up in price as of 4:45 pm ET, July 18, 2019.

Boston to Zurich $285 roundtrip

Chicago to Zurich $285 roundtrip

San Juan to Berlin $294 roundtrip

Boston to Geneva $303 roundtrip

Chicago to Geneva $303 roundtrip

St. Croix to Munich $303 roundtrip

Boston to Brussels $310 roundtrip

Chicago to Vienna $316 roundtrip

St. Thomas to Berlin $322 roundtrip

Seattle to Berlin $349 roundtrip

Salt Lake City to Brussels $457 roundtrip

Cincinnati to Geneva $457 roundtrip

Minneapolis to Luxembourg $466 roundtrip

Nearly every U.S. airport to Munich (MUC) ~$327 roundtrip

Akron to Munich $327 roundtrip

Buffalo to Munich $327 roundtrip

Daytona Beach to Munich $327 roundtrip

Burlington to Munich $329 roundtrip

Wichita to Munich $333 roundtrip

Albuquerque to Munich $346 roundtrip

West Palm Beach to Munich $377 roundtrip

Nearly every U.S. airport to Zurich (ZRH) ~$345 roundtrip

Nashville to Zurich $345 roundtrip

Newport News to Zurich $345 roundtrip

Washington D.C. to Zurich $345 roundtrip

Aspen to Zurich $362 roundtrip

Medford to Zurich $362 roundtrip

El Paso to Zurich $376 roundtrip

Detroit to Zurich $458 roundtrip

Nearly every U.S. airport to Berlin (TXL) ~$361 roundtrip

Los Angeles to Berlin $324 roundtrip

New York to Berlin $324 roundtrip

San Francisco to Berlin $334 roundtrip

Portland to Berlin $339 roundtrip

Chatanooga to Berlin $361 roundtrip

Duluth to Berlin $364 roundtrip

Grand Rapids to Berlin $374 roundtrip

Nearly every U.S. airport to Vienna (VIE) ~$409 roundtrip

New York to Vienna $389 roundtrip

Miami to Vienna $389 roundtrip

Fresno to Vienna $399 roundtrip

Raleigh to Vienna $407 roundtrip

Louisville to Vienna $409 roundtrip

Amarillo to Vienna $422 roundtrip

Toledo to Vienna $450 roundtrip

Atlanta to Vienna $474 roundtrip

This is just a sample of fares, there are much more included in this nationwide sale. Even if your city isn't listed, make sure to check the price from your local airport for a super deal. The most notable omissions from this sale are certain American hub cities like Charlotte, Dallas, and Phoenix, randomly Pittsburgh, and any airport where American Airlines doesn't fly.


These are Basic Economy fares, which only include a carry-on bag plus one personal item. Other restrictions apply. The first checked piece of luggage will cost $60 each-way.

Seat Assignments

Seats will be assigned at random upon check-in for these prices. You may be able to pay a fee to choose a seat.

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Alternate Fares

Upgrading to Main Cabin Economy will cost an additional $160 roundtrip, and will include one free checked bag, seat selection, and the ticket will be eligible for upgrades/ticket changes (fee applies).

Example Booking

As an example, I found a flight departing Duluth DLH on Thursday, November 7, returning from Berlin TXL on Thursday, November 14, for $364 roundtrip.

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