It's never too early to book a flight deal for peak travel periods. This unadvertised sale is a great example with flights to Brazil for Carnival 2020 starting from $424 roundtrip.

Air Canada is starting new nonstop service from Montreal to Sao Paulo in December and there is an all-out fare war going on between multiple airlines. There are even a few routes on Copa from Canada to Brazil in the $350 USD/$470 CAD range for roundtrip flights in September.

A more widespread sale is available from cities across the U.S. and Canada and includes travel dates surrounding Carnival 2020, which is officially from February 21 - 26, 2020, but there are festivities going on for weeks before these dates.

Travel Availability

Rules and restrictions vary by route. Travel dates range from August through March. Most of December and January are blacked out, but there are some available dates in late February for Carnival.

Most routes are on Air Canada, while some from major hubs in Canada and Florida are on other carriers like American, Delta, United, Avianca, and GOL.

Sale Period

This sale is unadvertised and fares may jump at any moment.

Sample Fares

Montreal to Rio de Janeiro $424 USD/$570 CAD roundtrip

Miami to Fortaleza $430 roundtrip, nonstop

Montreal to Sao Paulo $449 USD/$604 CAD roundtrip, nonstop

Toronto to Sao Paulo $449 USD/$604 CAD roundtrip

Ottawa to Sao Paulo $458 USD/$615 CAD roundtrip

Orlando to Fortaleza $470 roundtrip, nonstop

Toronto to Rio de Janeiro $483 USD/$649 CAD roundtrip

Ottawa to Rio de Janeiro $483 USD/$649 CAD roundtrip

Vancouver to Sao Paulo $547 USD/$735 CAD roundtrip

Calgary to Sao Paulo $554 USD/$745 CAD roundtrip

Baltimore to Sao Paulo $554 roundtrip

Detroit to Sao Paulo $554 roundtrip

Boston to Sao Paulo $554 roundtrip

Chicago to Sao Paulo $563 roundtrip

Vancouver to Rio de Janeiro $589 USD/$792 CAD roundtrip

Winnipeg to Sao Paulo $595 USD/$800 CAD roundtrip

Miami to Sao Paulo $610 roundtrip

Miami to Rio de Janeiro $675 roundtrip

Charlotte to Sao Paulo $682 roundtrip

Pittsburgh to Sao Paulo $684 roundtrip

Cincinnati to Sao Paulo $684 roundtrip

Philadelphia to Sao Paulo $684 roundtrip

Columbus to Sao Paulo $684 roundtrip

Nashville to Sao Paulo $684 roundtrip

Washington D.C. to Sao Paulo $703 roundtrip

Seattle to Sao Paulo $704 roundtrip

St. Louis to Sao Paulo $704 roundtrip

San Francisco to Sao Paulo $740 roundtrip

New York to Sao Paulo $743 roundtrip

Denver to Sao Paulo $758 roundtrip

Portland, OR to Sao Paulo $768 roundtrip

This is a widespread sale so have a look at all of our fares to Sao Paulo (GRU) and Rio de Janeiro (GIG). Use the flights to Sao Paulo as a jumping off point if you intend to visit Rio or Salvador for the Carnival. Domestic flights within Brazil are cheap.

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All fares include a carry-on bag plus a personal item and all airlines except GOL include two free checked bags. Routes from Florida on GOL have a small $15 fee for the first checked bag and $35 for the second.

Seat Assignments

All airlines except GOL include advanced seat assignments. You can pay a fee to choose a specific seat on GOL.

Example Booking

As an example, I found a flight departing Montreal YUK on Wednesday, February 19, returning from Sao Paulo GRU on Thursday, February 27, for $449 USD/$604 CAD roundtrip.

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