Spirit Airlines is having another promo code sale valid for purchase today only! Take up to 75% off the base fare for travel this spring. Fares start at just $61 roundtrip.

How to Book / Travel Availability

Just enter promo code 75PCT when booking on Spirit.com to apply up to a 75% discount to the base fare for roundtrip travel on Tuesdays and Wednesdays, from April 24 through June 18, 2019. Avoid blackout dates on May 22 and 28.

The discount will only apply to the base fare and not to taxes nor Spirit's booking fees so don't expect to see that large of a price drop on certain routes.

There is also a long list of excluded markets for this sale. However, I'm finding that all routes are being discounted, even if they are listed as excluded.

If you get an error message when searching from the homepage, try the search again from the sale page and it may work. This bug may be corrected at any time.

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Sale Period

Promo code expires at 11:59 pm ET, tonight, April 16, 2019.

Sample Fares

Raleigh to Baltimore $61 roundtrip, nonstop

Austin to Denver $62 roundtrip, nonstop

Chicago to Austin $63 roundtrip, nonstop

Boston to Cleveland $63 roundtrip, nonstop

Orlando to Austin $65 roundtrip, nonstop

Chicago to Raleigh $66 roundtrip, nonstop

Chicago to Houston $67 roundtrip, nonstop

Los Angeles to Austin $68 roundtrip, nonstop

Boston to Detroit $68 roundtrip, nonstop

Minneapolis to Dallas $107 roundtrip, nonstop

Baltimore to Houston $110 roundtrip, nonstop

Cleveland to Dallas $114 roundtrip, nonstop

Houston to San Diego $122 roundtrip, nonstop

Baltimore to Seattle $122 roundtrip, nonstop

Seattle to Houston $122 roundtrip, nonstop

Houston to Oakland $127 roundtrip, nonstop

Chicago to Oakland $131 roundtrip, nonstop

Newark to Los Angeles $133 roundtrip

Detroit to Seattle $132 roundtrip, nonstop

Seattle to Ft. Lauderdale $138 roundtrip

Oakland to Detroit $149 roundtrip, nonstop

Atlanta to St. Thomas $160 roundtrip

Atlantic City to Dallas $172 roundtrip

Los Angeles to Myrtle Beach $175 roundtrip

Ft. Lauderdale to Lima $222 roundtrip, nonstop

New York to Bogota $283 roundtrip

Boston to Guayaquil $294 roundtrip

Chicago to Medellin $297 roundtrip

Columbus to San Jose, Costa Rica $299 roundtrip

There are many more routes available as well. Domestic routes will work in reverse. Lowest fares may not be available for the entire travel period. You'll have to decline any extras to get the lowest price.


Spirit's Bare Fares only include one small personal item (small backpack, large purse, briefcase, etc.) that will fit underneath your seat. Checked baggage starts at $30-$35 each way. Larger carry-on bag fees start at $35-$40 each way.

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Alternate Fares

Spirit sells a Thrills Combo package, which includes one 50 lb. checked bag (10 lbs. extra), one standard carry-on bag, seat selection, priority boarding, no change fees, and double miles. It would cost you more to purchase all of these items separately, but odds are if you’re flying Spirit you don’t need all those extras.

Also, make sure to compare with other airlines that might include more luggage. Even with the so-called "75% off", other airlines may still offer a better deal on certain routes.

Example Booking

As an example, after entering promo code SAVE75 on Sprit.com, I found a flight departing Los Angeles LAX on Tuesday, May 7, returning from Myrtle Beach MYR on Wednesday, May 15, for $175 roundtrip.

Featured image courtesy of Spirit.

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