American and United are slashing prices between select cities across the nation. There are some especially good deals to Norfolk (ORF), New Orleans (MSY), and San Diego (SAN). Fares start as low as $102 roundtrip.

Travel Availability

Rules and restrictions vary by route, but most are available on scattered dates throughout the year from April through February 2020.

Peak summer travel from mid-June through mid-August will either be blacked out or extremely limited to midweek travel dates and peak winter holiday travel will have higher prices on all routes. Some routes will only be available for travel on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Saturdays. Click on the fare details below for more info.

Sale Period

This sale is unadvertised and fares may jump at any moment. These are all big price drops, which normally don't last very long after falling this low. Secure your low fare by booking now and taking advantage of the 24-hour risk-free cancellation to think about your plans.

Sample Fares on American

Houston to Norfolk $102 roundtrip

Houston to Richmond $102 roundtrip

Atlanta to Hartford $102 roundtrip

Minneapolis to Raleigh $102 roundtrip

San Francisco to San Antonio $105 roundtrip

Greenville to Houston $108 roundtrip

Minneapolis to Wilmington $113 roundtrip

Seattle to New Orleans $136 roundtrip

Seattle to El Paso $136 roundtrip

Sample Fares on United

Dallas to Norfolk $114 roundtrip

Richmond to Dallas $114 roundtrip

Dallas to Palm Springs $114 roundtrip

San Jose to New Orleans $118 roundtrip

Norfolk to San Diego $174 roundtrip

Chattanooga to San Diego $192 roundtrip

Des Moines to San Diego $192 roundtrip

Charlotte to San Jose $213 roundtrip

Sample Fares on Both American and United

Nashville to San Diego $157 roundtrip

San Diego to Tampa $157 roundtrip

All fares work in the reverse direction as well. There may be more similar price drops. Check flights from your city to see today's current finds.


These are Basic Economy fares. On American, this includes a carry-on bag plus a small personal item. On United, this only includes one small personal item. A full-size carry-on bag is not allowed on United. A checked bag costs $30 each way on either airline.

Seat Assignments

Seats will be assigned at random upon check-in for these prices. You may pay a fee to choose a seat or choose to upgrade to the standard Economy fare.

Alternate Fares

In general, it should cost $60 more roundtrip for an upgrade to a standard Economy fare. This will include a full-size carry-on bag on United. It will also include advanced seat selection and allow for ticket changes/upgrades on both American and United. A checked bag is the same $30 fee each way.

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