Frontier Airlines has dropped some of its routes as low as $20 one-way for spring travel. It's possible to string together a roundtrip itinerary starting from $37 roundtrip and many routes can be found for under $100 roundtrip.

Travel Availability

The sale is advertised for travel on Mondays through Saturdays, through April 17, 2019. Most routes are only flown on specific days of the week so you'll have to click around to find available flights.

Sale Period

Tickets must be booked by 11:59 pm ET, March 20, 2019.

Sample Fares

All fares are nonstop and work in the reverse direction as well.

Charlotte to Tampa $37 roundtrip

Atlanta to Orlando $39 roundtrip

Atlanta to Sarasota $39 roundtrip

Orlando to Birmingham $39 roundtrip

Huntsville to Orlando $39 roundtrip

Lafayette to Orlando $39 roundtrip

New Orleans to Orlando $39 roundtrip

Wichita to Denver $39 roundtrip

Tulsa to Denver $39 roundtrip

Trenton to Nashville $39 roundtrip

Orlando to Jackson, MS $39 roundtrip

Sioux Falls to Denver $39 roundtrip

San Francisco to Las Vegas $58 roundtrip

St. Louis to Denver $58 roundtrip

St. Louis to Jacksonville $58 roundtrip

New Orleans to San Antonio $63 roundtrip

Little Rock to Orlando $68 roundtrip

These fares all work in reverse and there are many more routes available for under $100 roundtrip. Lowest fares may not be available throughout the entire travel period. You'll have to decline all extras to get the lowest price.


These fares only include one small personal item. Checked bag fees start at $25-30 each way when purchased during the initial booking. Larger carry-on bag fees start at $30-35 each way.

If you want to avoid all extra fees, read How to Pack in Just a Personal Item Sized Bag.

Seat Assignments

Seats will be assigned at random upon check-in for these prices. You may pay a fee to choose a specific seat.

Alternate Fares

Frontier offers the Works bundle, which can be added to any flight during initial booking. It includes a standard carry-on bag plus a personal item, one free checked bag, seat selection (including stretch seating), priority boarding, flight flexibility, and refundability. This is a value if you want all of these amenities, but chances are you can get away with just adding what you need a la carte for cheaper.

If you are unfamiliar with Frontier Airlines, please read our guide on Everything You Need to Know Before You Fly Frontier.

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