TAP Air Portugal has put nearly all routes from North America to Europe on sale in the $300s range. The best part is that these fares are widely available throughout the year, can be booked one-way for around half the roundtrip price, and offer the chance for a free stopover in Portugal. Roundtrip fares are as low as $271.

Although many of these routes may require a long or overnight layover in Portugal, you can theoretically take advantage of this and extend your stopover up to 5 nights and really enjoy a second city on your journey for the same price as one roundtrip flight.

I say "theoretically", because I found it quite hard to find the same price if I added a multi-day stopover to these roundtrip fares. However, if the route requires an overnight stay, you'll easily be able to have one night in Portugal either to or from your destination.

You may find better deals on nonstop flights or better connections with other airlines on scattered travel dates, but these TAP Air Portugal fares have excellent availability for daily travel from March through June, and again from August or September onward. And there isn't any minimum stay requirement that most other carriers have on the lowest fares.

This sale is unadvertised and prices may jump at any time. Book quickly to take advantage of these incredible deals.

A sample of fares include;

Newark to Madrid $271 roundtrip

New York to Dublin $293 roundtrip

Boston to Dublin $293 roundtrip

Newark to Copenhagen $307 roundtrip

Newark to Oslo $310 roundtrip

Boston to Luxembourg $313 roundtrip

Newark to Stockholm $327 roundtrip

Boston to Basel $329 roundtrip

New York to Basel $329 roundtrip

Boston to Geneva $335 roundtrip

Miami to Geneva $335 roundtrip

Miami to Amsterdam $335 roundtrip

Boston to Zurich $343 roundtrip

Miami to Zurich $343 roundtrip

New York to Hamburg $348 roundtrip

Toronto to Lisbon $485 CAD  roundtrip, nonstop ($368 USD)

Boston to Bilbao $380 roundtrip

Miami to Malaga $381 roundtrip

Boston to Las Palmas $385 roundtrip

Newark to Alicante $385 roundtrip

Miami to Florence $396 roundtrip

Washington D.C. to Barcelona $407 roundtrip

Chicago to Amsterdam $420 roundtrip

Toronto to Tel Aviv $582 CAD roundtrip ($442 USD)

For more deals, check out our Europe Flight Deals page.

These are TAP Air Portugal's "discount" fares, which only include a carry-on bag plus one personal item. Other restrictions apply. Consider purchasing the "basic" fare if you need checked baggage allowance.

It's always cheaper to purchase the basic fare, which includes one checked bag (usually $35 more each way) than to pay for a checked bag on the discount fare. Compare this upgrade to what it costs to check a bag on other carriers (usually $60 each way) and these TAP Portugal fares are a real steal if you travel with checked baggage.

Need a one-way ticket to Europe? Many of these fares can be booked one-way for around half the roundtrip price.

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