It’s an invitation that stirs up feelings of both delight and dread: a wedding we have to travel for. Delight because it’s a great excuse to travel somewhere new and exciting. Dread because, well, we have to pay for it. Usually a lot.

Whether it’s your coworkers destination wedding in Minneapolis, or your brothers beachside ceremony in Cancun, here are the  must-have items you should be packing

7 Essentials for Any Destination Wedding


Wrinkle Free Dress

Unless you’re part of the wedding party and you have to wear a specific dress, packing something simple and unfussy is key. This dress by Toad & Co is packable, lightweight, and moisture-wicking, which will be especially handy in hot humid locales.  an easily be dressed up or down. Available in 5 colors.


Customer Review: I like this dress and have it in both black and red. It's pocket detail as well as side drawstring help make it special. Easy to wash and hang, minimal wrinkles. Fits true to size. I'm tall-5'10- and this dress is below my knee. Great for tall ladies!”

Price: Starting at $80.00 on Amazon

Average Star Rating: 4


Wrinkle Free Dress Pants

Just as important as the wrinkle-free dress, iron-averse guys can appreciate a versatile pair of wrinkle-free pants. Dockers Straight Fit Khaki’s fit the bill perfectly. Machine washable with a flex comfort waistband, these pants are great casual weddings. Pair it with a wrinkle free shirt. Available in 8 colors.


Customer Review: I'm tall and slim, so 32 x 34 is an uncommon size, rarely seen in stores, so I've recently taken to ordering my pants online, and when these showed up I was so glad I did! They're a perfect, flattering fit, made with quality fabric and construction. I don't know why I expected they would be creased, but if they were, that's the only thing that might've made them better, in my opinion.”

Price: Starting at $25.02 on Amazon

Average Star Rating: 4


Sun Hat

Assuming the destination wedding is outdoors, a sun hat is a definite necessity. This hat from Itopfox is foldable, making it super easy to store during travel. It’s lightweight and breathable, plus has UPF protection. Available in 5 colors.


Customer Review: Looks & fits great plus it folds flat for storing in travel bags.”

Price: Starting at $13.99 on Amazon

Average Star Rating: 3.5



I cry at every wedding, but even if you aren’t a crier, it’s good to have some tissues on hand in case your plus one, or any guest around you, starts sniffling. Kleenex has handy travel sized packs of 3-ply tissues. Pack one to take with you, or pack them all and hand them out.


Customer Review: “Tissues are perfect for travel, to keep in the car, to put in a purse or briefcase. Same Kleenex quality, and unscented (yay!)”

Price: Starting at $4.99 for pack of 8 on Amazon

Average Star Rating: 4.5


Comfortable Shoes

You don’t have to sacrifice comfort for style! Bring along a pair of comfortable shoes, and your feet will thank you later. Sofft has a huge variety of styles, all that will leave your feet blister free. These Sofft sandals are super cute, and will dress up any outfit. Made of leather with a synthetic sole, with a molded cork insole and suede lined footbed with soft foam padding, you won’t want to take them off! Available in 4 color combos.


Customer Review: What a beautiful summer sandal and super comfortable. the colors are so chic, classy and trendy. Tan with pretty light goldish tone. Dress it up or have a casual look. Works both ways!”

Price: Starting at $83.32 on Amazon

Average Star Rating: 4


A Sweater


Whether it’s an outdoor or indoor wedding, there is always a chance you’re going to get cold. Pack a cardigan so you won’t have to wrangle a blazer to put on when it starts to get chilly. A bolero like this one from Rekucci will go with any outfit, and is available in 26 colors.


Customer Review: I ordered this when one I requested from a box store took forever to get it in. This was a perfect fit and kept my arms comfortably warm during a wedding I picked it up for. It also seems to hide wrinkles when worn if there's any minor wrinkles from when it's packed for a trip. The texture feels nice, and it fit perfect! I love the variety of colors they come in, but the opal was the best for my needs!”

Price: $29.99 on Amazon

Average Star Rating: 4


Carry-on Garment Bag

You should never pack your most important items in the back you plan to check. When you’re traveling for a wedding, that includes your outfit for the special occasion. Garment bags may seem like a thing of the past, but this carry-on garment bag from Bug looks like a duffle when it’s folded up. It holds a suit or dress, plus has pockets for all of your accessories. Keep your clothes from wrinkling, and rest assured you won’t have to show up to the wedding wearing your travel outfit. Available in 3 colors.


Customer Review: I bought this to take a suit, shirts, a pair of shoes, and a sport coat to a wedding. All arrived wrinkle free. Great suit bag. Highly recommend.”

Price: $39.99 on Amazon

Average Star Rating: 5


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