Here are today's fares for our 10 most popular domestic and international routes. There are some lower fares, some higher fares, and some that have been around for awhile. Be sure to book anything that catches your eye!

All domestic fares are nonstop and on legacy carriers.

Our Top Subscribed Domestic Routes:

1. Los Angeles to Honolulu $338 roundtrip, nonstop, on Multiple Airlines

This price has remained the same for a couple of weeks, and is a decent fare to Hawaii. Travel on multiple airlines through March. Choose from Alaska, United, Delta, or Hawaiian.

2. Los Angeles to New York City JFK $237 roundtrip, nonstop, on JetBlue

This is pretty much a usual price for this route. Occasionally it dips under $200, so under $250 isn't too bad. Travel through March.

3. Philadelphia to Orlando $173 roundtrip, nonstop, on American

All good things must come to an end. If you didn't book this when it was hovering around $100 for a few weeks, you missed your chance. It's still not too bad under $200, and let's hope it goes back down at some point. Travel through June. It's Basic Economy, regular economy is $261.

4. Newark to Orlando $102 roundtrip, nonstop, on United

This fare is back down to where we had been seeing it, and we like it!  Travel Tuesdays and Wednesdays through May. It's Basic Economy, so if you don't like those restrictions, Main Cabin seats are available for $179 roundtrip.

5. Chicago ORD to Las Vegas $279 roundtrip, nonstop, on American or United

Ouch! This is a huge rise for this route- we had been seeing it around $100 for some time, so this much of a jump is painful. The worst part is, this price is only available on a few dates in March! There is wider availability at $291.

6. Chicago ORD to Orlando $191 roundtrip, nonstop, on United

Here's another one that might have you kicking yourself. This is a huge increase from what we had been seeing, up from $100. The good news? It's still under $200, and is available for travel through August.

7. Atlanta to Las Vegas $197 roundtrip, nonstop, on Delta

This fare has remained more or less the same. Travel Tuesdays and Wednesdays, through the beginning of August on scattered dates.

8. Dallas DFW to Las Vegas $97 roundtrip, nonstop, on American

Want to take a last minute trip!? This fare is available for travel this Sunday, returning Thursday or Friday, perfect for a Valentine's getaway! That's the availability, so you've got to be flexible and ready to go!

9. Boston to Orlando $167 roundtrip, nonstop, on JetBlue and Delta

This has stayed the same for a bit, but the good news is, it's available for longer! Travel through October- perhaps it's time to plan an off-peak trip to Disney!

10. Atlanta to New York City LGA $147 roundtrip, nonstop, on Delta

A nice dip in price for this fare. Travel through March.

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Our Top Subscribed International Routes:

1. New York JFK to London LHR $381 roundtrip, nonstop, on Virgin Atlantic

Hooray! This fare has gone back down in price! Travel in April and May, then again August through September, with returns through October.

2. Los Angeles to London LHR $457 roundtrip, nonstop, on Air New Zealand

This fare from Air New Zealand has been hovering around the $450 mark for awhile now, with availability getting less and less each week. Book soon, as this is sure to disappear sooner rather than later! It's good for travel this spring.

3. New York JFK to Paris CDG $375 roundtrip, nonstop on Norwegian

This is higher than we've seen for this route, but fares to Europe for less than $500 are always good! Travel early this spring.

4. Los Angeles to Paris CDG $450 roundtrip, nonstop on Norwegian

Another fare to Paris that has jumped. It's still decent though! Travel through April.

5. Boston to London LHR $370 roundtrip, nonstop, on Delta or Virgin Atlantic

Head to London this spring with this super fare from Delta and Virgin Atlantic. This has stayed pretty steady the past few weeks, so you'd be best to scoop it up soon!

6. New York City JFK to Cancun $246 roundtrip, nonstop, on Delta

Did you wait too long to book spring break? Well, you might be able to join your friends for a few days with this fare. Travel starting March 5, with availability through May.

7. San Francisco to Paris CDG $389 roundtrip, on American

Not nonstop, but still a great price for this route! Travel March through May, then again beginning in September, through mid December.

8. New York JFK to Montego Bay, Jamaica $395, nonstop on Delta or JetBlue

$40 less than we had been seeing, this is a great price for a spring trip to Jamaica! Travel through mid April.

9. Minneapolis to Cancun $434 roundtrip, nonstop, on Delta

This is slightly lower for this route, with limited availability for travel in April. You must be flexible for this one!

10. Los Angeles to San Jose, Cabo $397 roundtrip, on American

Another one that you probably should have booked before. This is slightly higher than we had been seeing, and is not nonstop. Valild for travel this fall.


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