We're seeing some super low fares to Europe's hub cities, including Zurich, and elsewhere across the continent, on American, Iberia, British Airways, United, Swiss, and TAP Portugal.

Travel dates may vary slightly depending on the route, though most appear available through late March.

These fares are unadvertised, meaning they could vanish at any time. If something catches your eye, better book quickly.

Again, this is a pretty widespread sale and there are plenty of routes beyond what we have listed below.

Fares include:

New York to Geneva $336 roundtrip

Philadelphia to Zurich $399 roundtrip

Boston to Zurich $451 roundtrip

Charlotte to Zurich $464 roundtrip

Cleveland to Zurich $466 roundtrip

Washington DC to Zurich $466 roundtrip

Fort Lauderdale to Zurich $466 roundtrip

Grand Rapids to Zurich $466 roundtrip

Orlando to Zurich $466 roundtrip

Cleveland to Barcelona $477 roundtrip

Raleigh-Durham to Paris $496 roundtrip

Charlotte to London $567 roundtrip


Intro image by Ivanchik via Shuttestock

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