Here are the must-have items you should be packing in your toiletry bag before heading out for the holidays.

Purell Advanced Hand Sanitizer

6 bottles of hand sanitizer, single bottle of green hand sanitizer

Can't get to a sink for a good handwashing session? Dab some sanitizer on your hands instead, especially before eating. This sanitizer kills 99.9% of germs, and it comes in a 4 pack of 1oz bottles.

Amazon User Review: “I purchased the 4 pack Purell Advanced Hand Sanitizer in the 1 oz. travel size to carry with me each day. It fits in my pocket well and works like a hand sanitizer should... Easy to use and carry. I highly recommend this product."

Price: $9.60 on Amazon

Average Star Rating: 4.5


container of chewy bites tums, container of assorted fruit tums

It’s the holidays—calories don’t count! It’s a great theory, but it may get you in trouble, and not just around the waistline. Curb any heartburn with Tums, which certainly have stood the test of time. Full of calcium to soothe your stomach, and in berry flavors.

Amazon User Review: “These work great for me when I have heartburn from when I have be polite and eat the processed crap my mother in law calls food.”  

Price: $8.36 on Amazon

Average Star Rating: 5


3 packs of travel sized kleenex

Kleenex not only come in handy in case of a sneeze, but are also key to have in case you encounter a restroom that's out of toilet paper or paper towels on your travels. Throw a pack of these travel sized packs in your toiletry bag so you’re prepared. Available in packs of 8, 16, and 24.

Amazon User Review: They do what they need to do and fit perfectly in my work bag.”

Price: From $10.01 on Amazon 

Average Star Rating: 5

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miracle hand repair

Cold weather is never kind to our skin. Combine that with rigorous handwashing, and you have a formula for dry skin. Take along some Gold Bond Ultimate Intensive Healing Cream to keep your skin looking youthful. Made with aloe and jojoba it absorbs quickly and has a light scent. It comes in a 3oz bottle that is perfect to carry on the go.

Amazon User Review: This is my absolute favorite hand lotion. I do not like sticky, greasy, strong-smelling hand lotions, and finding the right-hand lotion has been tricky. THIS is the stuff for me. I stock up, especially in the winter. It moisturizes wonderfully and absorbs fully.”

Price: $3.79 on Amazon
Average Star Rating:

Bounce Back Hangover Prevention Pills

bottle of drinkwell hangover aid, bottle of drinkwel with pills spilled out next to it

If during the holidays, you tend to start the day with a mimosa and don’t stop the cocktails until bed, you may need a hangover helper. This nutrient supplement and liver support claims to keep you alert the day after the festivities.

Amazon User Review: I purchased one bottle before going to my friend's party because of my bad hangovers. I took 3 pills right before we started drinking and then 3 more before falling asleep. I woke up with no hangover whatsoever! I don't drink a lot so probably won't use them again in a while but from now it's my must-have for every party or going on vacation. This hangover prevention stuff really works!”

Price: Starting at $22.95 on Amazon

Average Star Rating: 4.3

Jack Black Intense Therapy Lip Balm

blue bottle of jack black lip balm

In colder weather, our lips tend to get crack and dry. Avoid that look for the family portrait by throwing some of this lip balm in your toiletry bag. With sun protection, wind protection, skin conditioners, and antioxidants that soothe, your lips will thank you. Available in 7 flavors.

Amazon User Review: “One of the best lip care products out there. Not too minty and even when I am traveling...keeps my lips hydrated.”

Price: Starting at $8.00 on Amazon
Average Star Rating: 4.5

Eye Mask

pink eye mask, woman wearing blue eye mask

You may find yourself getting less sleep when you’re away for the holidays, which often can lead to puffy eyes. This reusable compress from Optix 55 can be used hot or cold and has Ergo Bead Technology so that the mask contours to the shape of your eyes. It’s also effective against headaches, another symptom of too much family time. Available in 4 colors and washable.

Amazon User Review: I really love that this mask has the plastic & soft side - depending how puffy my morning eyes are, it’s nice to be able to choose which "level" of chill I will use. Another MAJOR plus, is the fact that this eye mask actually covers the eyelids.( I never understood the point of other masks having the eye holes available, especially when eyelids get puffy as well) 5-10 minutes with this mask on and I am ready for the day!”

Price: $8.55 on Amazon

Average Star Rating: 4.5


bottles of nature made melatonin

I always find it hard to sleep in an unfamiliar bed or when I'm stressed out. Take along some melatonin to ensure a good night’s sleep. This melatonin from Nature Made is all-natural, with 5mg of melatonin per capsule. 90 Tablets per bottle.

Amazon User Review: Bought these to help my mother go to sleep instead of her prescription lunesta. She says these work just as well, and the side effects are much much less. Would recommend to anyone having a little bit of a problem sleeping. Good brand with along history.”

Price: $5.49 on Amazon

Average Star Rating: 4.5

Glo 4 Piece Make-up Set

Glo make up, glo lip balm, glo blush

Even if you're only seeing other people via Zoom for holiday events this year, you still want to look nice. This 4 piece make-up collection from Glo won’t take up too much space in your toiletry bag, and has everything you need to give your face a little pick-me-up, including eye shadow, lip liner, lip gloss, and blush.

Amazon User Review: "Colors are very well coordinated and complimentary. Quality product."

Price: $52.00 on Amazon

Average Star Rating: 4.4

Essential Oils

box of essential oils

Whether it’s helping you to relax, soothing a bellyache, or giving yourself an energy boost, essential oils are said to be able to do it all. Bring along this variety pack of oils with you for whatever your needs may be. Filled with 100 percent natural oils topped with leak-proof caps and a “recipe book”, this set is great for traveling with oils.

Amazon User Review: I am not an expert on oils as this is my first set. But I have to say I think they are wonderful. My daughter came home sick with a cold/allergies so we used the peppermint and eucalyptus in the diffuser. We suffer from allergies here in Texas quite a bit so this is great. My whole family loves these oils I will definitely order again.”

Price: $14.95 on Amazon

Average Star Rating: 4

Beard Grooming Kit

beard grooming kit, man with beard brushing his beard

Rocking a quarantine beard? Keep it in fine form with this beard-grooming kit. The kit includes a balm and an oil made from 100% natural ingredients, scissors, and a bristle brush.

Amazon User Review: Goes great with the beard balm I got him to go with it. Good quality and doesn't irritate sensitive skin. Easy to clean and compact enough to travel with.”

Price: $26.99 on Amazon

Average Star Rating: 4.5

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