If you're shocked, shocked! by fares to Europe this summer in those cramped economy class seats, and who isn't, then you might find this interesting: an economy class fare from Newark to Stockholm leaving on July 8 and returning on July 15, to cite just one example, on SAS nonstop flights with tax at present prices will set you back $1651 round-trip; but thanks to a sale on SAS, in business class that same flight will cost $2095. OK, both fares are high, but if we're being taken to the cleaners at least we'd prefer going in comfort for not a heckuva lot more.

SAS's sale is for restricted (i.e., non-refundable) business class and it ends on May 31.

Thanks to corporations limiting their employees from flying in business class, other airlines are also offering "relatively" cheap business class fares to Europe this summer. In some cases, you must book up to 50 days in advance and there are other restrictions, such as with this Delta sale from Atlanta or New York and this one on Qantas.

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