Airfares too high for you? Maybe you should book a package deal. In many cases, air+hotel packages are cheaper than airfare alone. Please note that prices were accurate when we checked the week of April 6, but can change up or down at any moment based on availability.



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Sample package

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August 6-13

$1,196 on Delta, nonstop

$1,090/pp 6 nights 3-star hotel, taxes and fees;

Bundle up, save a little money in the process. Not too shabby. You’ll have to stop over in London;  flights are on American.


August 23-30

$653 on US Airways via Philadelphia

$861/pp 6 nights 4-star hotel, includes taxes and fees;

Ireland is currently better value for air-only than most, but this is still a decent bargain.


July 9-16

$959 on KLM nonstop

$1,099/pp 6 nights 3-star hotel; 

This company is always great for rock bottom rates to pricey London. (Flights with Virgin Atlantic, btw.)


July 16-23    

$1,222 on Finnair (includes two stops. Ugh.)         

$1,149/pp 6 nights 2.5 star hotel;

If you look no-brainer up in the dictionary, you’ll see an illustration of someone booking this package.


July 14-21

$1,450 on Delta (nonstop to Pisa)

$1,529/pp  6 nights tourist hotel, also includes economy car;

An outstanding value from a no-frills but decent company that gets great rates on airfares due to volume.

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