Really? Again with the pay-to-pee lavs?

Still steamed by the thought of paying for carryon baggage? Right, well, never mind that for just one sec, because here comes news of a fee that's sure to chap the hides of quite a few travelers. European low-cost carrier Ryanair confirms that, yes, onboard toilets will become coin-operated at summer's end. According to the Daily Mail, Ryanair plans to outfit 168 planes with coin-operated lavatories, costing passengers €1 (or £1) per visit. Cabin space will also be reconfigured to add extra seating, though at the expense of two out of the current three restrooms on board. Will one measly coin-operated toilet be enough for 189 passengers? Probably not. But at least you'll have plenty of time to fish around for a coin while waiting in line.