As you may have gathered, yesterday's Fare of the Day was a Lost-related April Fool's joke. Just a little chain-yanker we picked up from Kayak, who first ran that fare to coincide with the series premiere last season. Anyhoo, pardon our nerdiness. We promise to make it up to you today with a special edition double-scoop Fare of the Day. Ready? Ok, first up we have:

Los Angeles to Sydney, Australia $661 round-trip, nonstop, incl. all taxes

This fare is available for travel on select days in April, May, June, August, and September. This price is good for San Francisco too. And New Yorkers can make the trip as well for about $875. If that's still more than you care to spend, maybe you'd prefer Fare of the Day #2:

Newark to Tokyo, Japan $456 round-trip, incl. all taxes

This fare is only available in April, and includes a connection in either Minneapolis or Detroit, depending on schedules.

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