Flights to Europe are incredibly cheap on major airlines from from many U.S. airports! There is an all out fare war on the three major airline alliances so if you live near a hub city, you can score a flight to Europe for less than some domestic flights. Fares are as low as $298 roundtrip on airlines like American, Delta, United, and partner airlines such as British Airways, Air France, and Lufthansa.

These fares are all unadvertised and prices may go back up at any time. Book quickly to get in on the savings. Some of these cities rarely see price drops this low so chances are these fares won't stick around for long.

Update December 7, 2018, 9am ET: Prices have dropped around $20 from Charlotte to Scandinavia this morning and there are similar price drops on a few other routes, while prices are starting to jump way up on others. Book quickly! This flash sale appears to be on its way out.

Travel dates and restrictions vary slightly depending on the route. In general, fares are either available for travel from January through March, in April/May, or in both travel periods. Travel to Europe early in the week (usually Sundays through Wednesdays), and return from Europe later in the week (usually Tuesdays through Thursdays). Some routes may have more days of the week available.

All fares require a minimum stay of 7-nights. For more booking info, click on the fare details below.

A sample of fares include:

Phoenix to Dublin $298 roundtrip

Newark to Paris $305 roundtrip, nonstop

Miami to Paris $325 roundtrip, nonstop

Dallas to Copenhagen $326 roundtrip

Tampa to Madrid $328 $308 roundtrip

Charlotte to Dublin $331 roundtrip

Chicago to Copenhagen $332 roundtrip

Philadelphia to Dublin $332 roundtrip

Charlotte to Copenhagen $333 $313 roundtrip

Baltimore to Frankfurt $333 roundtrip

Washington D.C. to Frankfurt $333 roundtrip

Chicago to Oslo $334 roundtrip

Dallas to Helsinki $337 roundtrip

San Francisco to Madrid $338 roundtrip Sold Out!

Charlotte to Zurich $342 roundtrip

Charlotte to Helsinki $343 $323 roundtrip

Dallas to Brussels $343 roundtrip

Denver to Amsterdam $344 roundtrip

San Francisco to Geneva $344 $324 roundtrip

Dallas to Oslo $348 roundtrip

Charlotte to Oslo $349 $329 roundtrip

Chicago to Frankfurt $358 roundtrip

Boston to London $371 roundtrip, nonstop

Charlotte to Stockholm $371 $351 roundtrip

Cleveland to Frankfurt $382 $361 roundtrip

Charlotte to Munich $390 roundtrip Sold Out!

Philadelphia to Munich $390 roundtrip Sold Out!

Dallas to Stockholm $391 roundtrip

New York to London $396 roundtrip, nonstop

Dallas to London $414 roundtrip Sold Out!

San Francisco to Frankfurt $423 roundtrip

Oakland to Frankfurt $427 roundtrip

Houston to Frankfurt $428 roundtrip

The list above is just a small sample of all the fantastic fares we've found today. If you don't see your local airport listed or are looking for another destination across the pond, we have a full rundown on all our European Flight Deals here for you to find what you're looking for.

These are Basic Economy fares, which do not include checked bags. A checked bag costs $55-$60 each way depending on the airline. Adanced seat selection is also not included on all airlines except United. An upgrade to a standard Economy fare varies by route, but most will cost $90 each way to upgrade.

As an example booking, I found seats departing Charlotte CLT on Wednesday, April 3, returning from Munich MUC on Thursday, April 11, for $390 roundtrip.

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