Finding yourself in need of some southern comfort to warm you up when winter sets in? JetBlue has you covered with a different spin on its usual Friday flash fares this week.

This time around JetBlue is offering a wide-open window from November 27 through February 13, 2019, for flyers to take advantage of discount deals to the South. Unlike most of the airline's one-day sales that are restricted to specific flights and dates.

Depending on departure airport travel days will vary, but for flights that include Boston and New York, travel is valid from Sunday through Wednesday. Those to/from Ft. Lauderdale are valid for Tuesday through Thursday departures. Blackout dates from mid-December through early January apply, meaning no peak holiday travel at this price.

These fares are likely to sell out fast, so book now if you have any interest. Otherwise, this sale expires tonight, November 16, at 11:59 pm ET.

Nonstop roundtrip fares include (all pairings work in reverse too):

Charleston to Ft. Lauderdale $97 roundtrip

Ft. Lauderdale to Nashville $107 roundtrip

Atlanta to Ft. Lauderdale $107 roundtrip

Boston to Atlanta $107 roundtrip

Boston to Nashville $107 roundtrip

New York-JFK to Savannah $117 roundtrip

New York-JFK to Atlanta $127 roundtrip

Boston to Charlotte $127 roundtrip

Richmond to Ft. Lauderdale $127 roundtrip

Raleigh to New York-JFK 127 roundtrip

New York-JFK to Charleston $127 roundtrip

New Orleans to Ft. Lauderdale $127 roundtrip

Boston to Savannah $127 roundtrip

Charleston to Boston $127 roundtrip

Ft. Lauderdale to Austin $147 roundtrip

New York-JFK to New Orleans $187 roundtrip

Austin to New York-JFK $187 roundtrip

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