The holiday season is one of the busiest times to travel, and this year is no different. According to our annual traveler polls, expect to see more travelers in the skies, with the day before Thanksgiving clocking in as the busiest travel day.

In addition to catching holiday flights home, travelers are also uneasy about catching others’ germs. According to a survey commissioned by Mucinex, 67% of Americans are concerned about getting a cold from others while traveling for the holidays, while 3 in 4 Americans have seen passengers exhibit symptoms of being sick on public transportation. In fact, Thanksgiving dinner is the number one holiday activity people would have FOMO about due to being sick with a cold*.

We’ve teamed up with Mucinex, to share tips to make traveling this holiday season easier. Read them below and join Mucinex in the Thanksgiving conversation on Twitter by using #GiveThanksNotCoughs to show where you’re traveling and how you are celebrating the holiday.

Snagging a Great Deal

  • Be Flexible: Double check the prices for a few days before or after you plan to leave. Sometimes leaving a day earlier or even a few hours later can help you find a great deal.
  • Set Alerts: Set airfare alerts to your holiday destination to track real-time deals. Sometimes there are last-minute sales from airlines.
  • Bargains in Business: With fewer business travelers you might be able to snag a great deal in upper class.
  • Fares Change Throughout the Day: Once again, fares change throughout the day, and sales can come at any time. Make sure you have your alerts set!
  • See all of our booking tips here.

Smooth Holiday Travel 

  • Arrive Early: The airports will be busy, so arrive earlier than you would otherwise.
  • Don’t Wrap Your Gifts: Airport security may need to check your luggage, so you’re better off saving the gift wrapping until you arrive.
  • Get Pre-Check: Consider getting Global Entry or another program to make getting through security faster.
  • Be Patient: Remember, it’s the season of giving, so be kind to your fellow travelers. Everyone wants to get home to see family and friends. 

Staying Healthy While Flying

  • Stay with the Basics: Washing your hands, covering your mouth, and disinfecting surfaces are the best ways to stay healthy.
  • Boost Your Immunity: Prior to your trip take Vitamin C. There isn’t much it can do while you are sick, but it might be able to boost your immune system prior.
  • Know the Difference: Colds are mostly mild. If your symptoms feel worse than usual, it might be the flu. Mucinex has a full comparison of the two here.
  • Check the Map: Be aware of how bad cold and flu season is in your destination before the trip with this Cold & Flu Map.
  • Pack it up: Keep a travel-size bottle of sanitizer in your bag for quick cleaning before eating snacks or after using the airplane lavatory. Don’t forget to pack some Mucinex in you carry-on, so you can be prepared if you do start to exhibit symptoms of being sick.
  • Stay Hydrated: Try to avoid too much alcohol, drink lots of water, and use essential oils to keep your skin hydrated.

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