It may seem hard to believe, but Thanksgiving is just two weeks away! This year, rethink your usual Thanksgiving checklist and be prepared for anything. Hopefully you've already booked your flight home, and now it's time to consider adding these handy items to your bag before heading to the airport.

Must-Pack Items for Thanksgiving Travel


Here are 10 must-have items to take home for the Thanksgiving holiday.

Elacra 3 oz Containers

hand opening small container of fruit, stacked 3 oz storage containers of food


These may claim to be baby food containers, but we know better. Take these containers along on your trip home, and you can take home some of grandma’s famous gravy or cranberry sauce. BPA free, airtight, and freezer safe, they are great to have around anyway. You’ll still have to fit them into a quart sized bag, so choose wisely when deciding what liquidy treats you want to take with you.

Amazon Customer Review: "Great little 3 oz airline travel jars."

Price: $14.99 on Amazon

Average Star Rating: 4.5

OXO Good Grips On-The-Go Lunch Container

OXO lunch containers


Hate when your potatoes mix with your turkey? Get this handy container from OXO, which has 2 compartments so you can keep what food you want separate from others. Put your dessert on top and the rest on the bottom. Airtight, 5 cup capacity and lightweight.

Amazon Customer Review: “Love this! I like the top tray part, so I can add tomato slices without getting my lettuce wilted. I can add grilled chicken breast to it, etc. the little dressing container included holds enough dressing, and it fits easily in with your salad. Lid snaps shut in 4 places and really holds. I love OXO quality in all of their products!”

Price: $12.99 on Amazon

Average Star Rating: 4

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Trendy United Women’s Skirt

Maroon women's skirt, close up of TRENDY skirt with pockets

I’m always envious of pregnant women on Thanksgiving - maternity pants really should be available for everyone. However, anything with an elastic waist will do just fine. This skirt from Trendy United will be perfect to throw in your suitcase for Thanksgiving. Available in 16 colors, you’ll be stylish and comfortable at the dinner table.

Amazon Customer Review: “Really nice and comfortable skirt at a good price. Easy care and flattering. Also bought in toffee color and the longer version in black.”

Price: Starting at $17.99 on Amazon

Average Star Rating: 4

Haggar Men’s Hidden Expandable Waist Pant

Lower half of man's body, with black Haggar pants, side view of man wearing khaki Haggar pants

Forget stealthily unbuttoning your pants at the table! With these pants from Haggar, you’ll be able to make them a bit bigger before you sit down. Machine washable, wrinkle free, with a 3 inch hidden expandable waist. They are the perfect addition to your Thanksgiving packing checklist. Available in 7 colors.

Amazon Customer Review: “My husband loves them! The quality is nice and they fit him to a tee! However, he was grateful for the expandable waist after Thanksgiving dinner. I ordered him 3 pair and would order more if he needed them!”

Price: Starting at $24.51 on Amazon

Average Star Rating: 4

Rachael Ray Jumbo Chillout Thermal Tote

lime green rachael ray thermal tote, folded up orange thermal tote

Keep your food hot or cold with this thermal tote! Looks just like a regular tote, has an outer pocket, 10 gallon capacity, and is leak proof. Available in 6 colors.

Amazon Customer Review: “Great cooler! Every year a bunch of us go on a golf trip. Every year I'd buy a styrofoam cooler then through it out. Problem with the styrofoam cooler was that it would start leaking after day one. I'd have to then keep it in the tub at the hotel room. I bought the Rachael Ray cooler on Amazon and it traveled easily in my suitcase. Filled it with ice and beer as soon as we arrived and was skeptic about it not leaking. 4 days later, no leaks! This cooler stayed in an air conditioned room the entire time so not able to speak of its ability to hold ice in the heat. However, during the 4 day stretch in the room, I only had to dump the melted ice and refill one time.”

Price: Starting at $23.99 on Amazon

Average Star Rating: 4.5

Picnic Plus Round Thermal Insulated Pie/Cake Carrier


picnic plus pie carrier, open pie carrier with pie inside

Perfect for when your sister insists you bring your famous pumpkin pie, even though you’re traveling cross-country for the holiday, this pie/cake carrier will do the trick. With hard side walls, lid and base, your pastries will stay safe. Available in 7 designs.

Amazon Customer Review: "Used this product at Thanksgiving. Just right for traveling with a pie great!"

Price: Starting at $28.99 on Amazon

Average Star Rating: 4

Wine Carrier Tote Bag

black and white double wine bottle carrier, open wine carrier with 2 bottles of wine

Is your dad obsessed with wine he had at a local winery near you, and keeps hinting you should bring it? Try this wine carrier from Grizzly. Although you won’t be able to carry it on, you’ll be able to keep the bottles safe in your checked bag. Made from 100% protective neoprene material, it’s lightweight, machine washable, and has a lifetime money back guarantee!

Amazon Customer Review: “A great way to carry two bottles of wine. Keeps them insulated and separated so they don't clink.”

Price: $14.85 on Amazon

Average Star Rating: 4.5

Expandable Pet Carrier by X-Zone Pet

expandable pet carrier, cute white dog sticking out of carrier, open carrier

If you don’t want to board your fur baby while you’re gone, try this pet carrier by X-Zone Pet. Airline approved, it expands to give your cat or dog extra room when he/she needs it, plus it has extra storage to keep treats, a bowl for water, toys–whatever your pet needs! Available in 7 colors.

Amazon Customer Review: “My order came on time w/a nail trimmer not the collapsable cup I looked forward to receiving. The carrier has the side belt for easy towing on suitcase, a plus when traveling. I purchased the product for the pop out tents that extend the room capacity providing comfort for your pet- that's important, the happier they are the more relaxed you both are. It's a great product, I'd highly recommend.”

Price: Starting at $30.58 on Amazon

Average Star Rating: 4.5

Bach Rescue Remedy Stress Relief Pastilles

yellow tins of rescue remedy pastilles, lemon and cranberry flavored

Traveling can be nerve-wracking, and with the added on stress of seeing family, it can turn into a nightmare. Slip these stress relief pastilles in your bag, and you’ll be nice and relaxed during the inevitable argument about politics with that one uncle we all have. Available in 4 flavors.

Amazon Customer Review: “I purchased these on a whim after I read about them somewhere online, and boy am I glad I did! I pop one of these in my mouth when I feel like I might be in an anxious situation and it does well in keeping me calm. It may just be a placebo effect, but I don't think so. I've recently become a really anxious traveler so I took a few of these before my flight and they worked wonders. I also used these on my wedding day since I was (naturally) extremely nervous and it definitely helped take the edge off.”

Price: Starting at $6.49 on Amazon

Average Star Rating: 4

Columbia Mighty Lite Hooded Jacket

woman in black hooded columbia jacket, rear view of woman wearing red columbia jacket

If you’re going from a warmer temperature to cooler temperatures, you’ll need a jacket! It’s already pretty cold in several parts of the U.S. This hooded jacket will fold up nicely in your carry-on, so you’ll be prepared when you’re dragged to your nephews football game. 100% polyester, with an outer layer water protection. Try the Voodoo Falls jacket for men. Available in 17 colors.

Amazon Customer Review: “I really like this coat. I was looking for something that was easy to squish into luggage for travel yet would keep me warm in cold weather. I live in CT and can wear this coat, with a sweater underneath and be comfortable down to around 20 degrees. I can comfortably wear a sweater and still have some wiggle room.”

Price: Starting at $42.93 on Amazon

Average Star Rating: 4.5


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