Update October 12: Flights from the east coast to Hawaii dropped below $300 roundtrip today! Hawaii has seen plenty of deals lately. Today, we're seeing some more price drops from a few cities across the mainland USA and widespread deals to Hawaii from several Canadian cities. Fights from the east coast to Hawaii start at just $317 $297 roundtrip and nonstop flights from the west coast go as low $285 roundtrip.

Travel dates and restrictions vary by route. These low fares are on legacy carriers Air CanadaAlaska Airlines, American, Delta, Hawaiian, United, and WestJet.

The super cheap flights from United hubs in Newark, Denver, and Houston are on American and are usually only valid on a few last minute travel dates through early November or December.

Nonstop flights from the west coast are available on a variety of airlines for travel through early March, with a 21-day advance purchase required. Routes from Canada to Hawaii vary in availability for travel between October and April. Click on the fare details below for more info. Peak holiday travel will be more expensive on all routes.

Cheap flights to Hawaii from the USA include:

Los Angeles to Honolulu $285 roundtrip, nonstop

Portland to Honolulu $285 roundtrip, nonstop

San Francisco to Honolulu $285 roundtrip, nonstop

San Jose to Honolulu $285 roundtrip, nonstop

Seattle to Maui $285 roundtrip, nonstop

San Diego to Maui $285 roundtrip, nonstop

Oakland to Kauai $285 roundtrip, nonstop

Seattle to Kona $285 roundtrip, nonstop

Sacramento to Maui $302 roundtrip

Denver to Honolulu $314 $294 roundtrip

Denver to Kona $314 $294 roundtrip

Houston to Honolulu $314 $294 roundtrip

Houston to Kauai $314 $294 roundtrip

Newark to Honolulu $317 $297 roundtrip

Newark to Kauai $338 $322 roundtrip

Long Beach to Honolulu $398 roundtrip, nonstop

Anchorage to Honolulu $398 roundtrip, nonstop

Cheap flights to Hawaii from Canada include:

Vancouver to Kauai $383 CAD roundtrip, nonstop ($294 USD)

Vancouver to Kona $383 CAD roundtrip ($294 USD)

Vancouver to Honolulu $420 CAD roundtrip, nonstop ($321 USD)

Victoria to Honolulu $462 CAD roundtrip ($354 USD)

Vancouver to Maui $468 CAD roundtrip, nonstop ($359 USD)

Calgary to Honolulu $473 CAD roundtrip ($362 USD)

Edmonton to Honolulu $475 CAD roundtrip ($364 USD)

Calgary to Maui $486 CAD roundtrip, nonstop ($373 USD)

Edmonton to Kauai $487 CAD roundtrip ($374 USD)

Winnipeg to Honolulu $501 CAD roundtrip ($384 USD)

Calgary to Kona $501 CAD CAD roundtrip ($385 USD)

Winnipeg to Kauai $539 CAD roundtrip ($414 USD)

Toronto to Maui $562 CAD roundtrip ($432 USD)

Toronto to Kona $562 CAD roundtrip ($432 USD)

Ottawa to Honolulu $565 CAD roundtrip ($433 USD)

Toronto to Honolulu $567 CAD roundtrip ($435 USD)

Montreal to Maui $568 CAD roundtrip ($437 USD)

Montreal to Honolulu $568 CAD roundtrip ($438 USD)

Montreal to Kauai $573 CAD roundtrip ($440 USD)

Quebec City to Honolulu $579 CAD roundtrip ($445 USD)

Quebec City to Maui $584 CAD roundtrip ($448 USD)

This is just a sample of cheap flights to Hawaii. Most cities have deals to each Hawaiian island and similar fares are likely available from nearly any city in Canada.

Some routes may be sold as Basic Economy tickets on American and Delta, but it seems most of these routes are standard Economy on United. The good news is that American and Delta still include a carry-on bag for Basic Economy tickets so baggage restrictions should be the same across all airlines. Have a look at our guide on A New Look at Basic Economy for Domestic and Short-Haul International Travel for more info.

For more deals to Hawaii, check out all of our fares to Honolulu (HNL), Kauai (LIH), Kona (KOA), and Maui (OGG). All prices are shown in USD on Airfarewatchdog pages.

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