It's Southwest Airlines sale time, and the airline is taking shots at its competitors with this 3-day sale. Claiming they have a different definition of "basic," Southwest is referring to JetBlue's recent announcement that it's going to switch to a basic economy model next year, alongside Alaska's foray into the "basic" marketplace. Leaving Southwest as the sole U.S. based major airline without those restrictive Basic Economy offerings, which is something worth highlighting.

Sale fares are available for Mondays through Thursday and Saturdays from late October through March 6, 2019. As expected peak holiday flights are blacked out on November 20-21, November 24-26, December 21-23, December 26-27, December 29-30, 2018; January 1-2, 2019. As always, pack all you want because Southwest still allows two checked bags for free, while the other airlines have upped bag fees to $30 one-way.

All tickets must be booked by Thursday, October 11, 2018, at 11:59 pm.

Please note, these fares are only available on Other carriers regularly match these sale fares, so be sure to compare to find the best deal.

Sample nonstop sale fares include:

Salt Lake City to Las Vegas $98 roundtrip

Las Vegas to San Francisco $98 roundtrip

San Francisco to Portland, OR $112 roundtrip

Nashville to Milwaukee $120 roundtrip

Los Angeles to Oakland $122 roundtrip

Sacramento to Los Angeles $132 roundtrip

Columbus to Atlanta $138 roundtrip

Cincinnati to Baltimore $144 roundtrip

Phoenix to San Francisco $148 roundtrip

Seattle to San Diego $158 roundtrip

Indianapolis to Kansas City $158 roundtrip

New York-LGA to Chicago-MDW $164 roundtrip

Tucson to Los Angeles $166 roundtrip

Baltimore to Grand Rapids $168 roundtrip

Newark to Ft. Lauderdale $178 roundtrip

Kansas City to Atlanta $182 roundtrip

Pittsburgh to Tampa $184 roundtrip

Minneapolis to Denver $188 roundtrip

Tampa to Hartford $192 roundtrip

St. Louis to Newark $198 roundtrip

Washington DC-DCA to Omaha $198 roundtrip

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