WOW air is back with another promo code sale to Europe. Save 40% off a portion of your next roundtrip flight on WOW Air for fall/winter travel. This sale also works on new WOW Air service to India.

Enter promo code WOWEUROPE when booking on to apply the discount to the base fare of the outbound flight on a roundtrip purchase. Your inbound flight and taxes/fees will not be discounted. The promo code will discount travel between October 1, 2018 - February 10, 2019. Peak holiday travel in late December and early January is mostly blacked out.

This is the first time we're seeing WOW Air's new service from Orlando and new service to India being discounted in a promo code sale. Other airlines may offer a better value on some of these routes so make sure to compare total cost with other airlines before you purchase.

Even with WOW Air's many fees, some of these routes don't see that many flash sales on other airlines and WOW Air can still often be the best price after you add in any extra fees that are necessary. WOW requires that you sign up for the free MyWOW membership to purchase fares using a promo code. All you need to do is give your email address and agree to receive a newsletter.

The discount seems to work on all routes to Europe and India, but nonstop service to Iceland is not being discounted with this promo code. Some routes are operated on limited days each week and a few are seasonal with service ending in October. These routes may return next summer but there is no guarantee, so get in on these low fares while you can. Click on the fare details below for more info.

All bookings must be made by 6:59 pm ET, October 1, 2018, or before the withdrawal of the promo code (limited to 5000 seats).

A sample of fares include:

New York to Dublin $270 roundtrip

Pittsburgh to Paris $270 roundtrip

Boston to Berlin $270 roundtrip

Baltimore to Copenhagen $270 roundtrip

Newark to Brussels $270 roundtrip

Baltimore to Milan $270 roundtrip

Chicago to Paris $282 roundtrip

Detroit to Paris $282 roundtrip

Newark to Berlin $282 roundtrip

Boston to Stockholm $282 roundtrip

Chicago to Dublin $284 roundtrip

Chicago to Milan $290 roundtrip

Montreal to Paris $378 CAD roundtrip ($291 USD)

San Francisco to Dublin $292 roundtrip

Los Angeles to Paris $302 roundtrip

Cleveland to Paris $302 roundtrip

Chicago to Berlin $302 roundtrip

Los Angeles to Berlin $302 roundtrip

Detroit to London-Gatwick $310 roundtrip

Newark to Frankfurt $310 roundtrip

Chicago to Frankfurt $310 roundtrip

Newark to Dusseldorf $310 roundtrip

Montreal to London-Gatwick $408 CAD roundtrip ($315 USD)

Toronto to Milan $407 CAD roundtrip ($319 USD)

St. Louis to Paris $322 roundtrip

Toronto to Paris $425 CAD roundtrip ($327 USD)

Cleveland to London-Stansted $340 roundtrip

Cincinnati to London-Gatwick $342 roundtrip

Orlando to Paris $350 roundtrip

Orlando to Edinburgh $362 roundtrip

Dallas to Lyon $374 roundtrip

San Francisco to Berlin $390 roundtrip

Boston to New Delhi $393 roundtrip

Baltimore to New Delhi $410 roundtrip

New York to Tel Aviv $414 roundtrip

Newark to New Delhi $417 roundtrip

Montreal to New Delhi $531 CAD roundtrip ($424 USD)

Detroit to New Delhi $435 roundtrip

Dallas to London-Gatwick $442 roundtrip

Chicago to New Delhi $494 roundtrip

There are many more routes available as well. You'll need to decline all extras to get the lowest price. WOW basic fares only include one small personal item (small backpack, purse, etc.). Carry-on bag fees start around $50 ($55 for India) each way. Checked bag fees start around $68 ($70 for India) each way.

If you want to avoid all extra fees, learn How to Pack in Just a Personal Item Sized Bag.

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