Delta, Air France, and KLM have dropped fares to Star Alliance European hubs, including Vienna, Brussels, and Frankfurt.  

This sale is unadvertised, so book quickly if any of these catch your eye. Click on the fare details below for specifics.

Travel 7 days a week, November through March. 

Travel in main cabin from all cities except Boston, which is basic economy. 

Fares include:

Boston to Brussels $434 Roundtrip

Ft. Lauderdale to Brussels $434 Roundtrip

Orlando to Brussels $434 Roundtirp

Miami to Brussels $434 Roundtrip

Tampa to Brussels $434 Roundtrip

Chicago MDW to Brussels $434 Roundtrip

Chicago ORD to Brussels $434 Roundtrip

Denver to Brussels $434 Roundtrip

Los Angeles to Brussels $434 Roundtrip

San Francisco to Brussels $434 Roundtrip

Ft. Lauderdale to Zurich $436 Roundtrip

Orlando to Zurich $436 Roundtrip

Miami to Zurich $436 Roundtrip

Tampa to Zurich $436 Roundtrip

Chicago MDW to Zurich $436 Roundtrip

Chicago ORD to Zurich $436 Roundtrip

Denver to Zurich $436 Roundtrip

Los Angeles to Zurich $436 Roundtrip

San Francisco to Zurich $436 Roundtrip

Oakland to Brussels $439 Roundtrip

Oakland to Zurich $440 Roundtrip

Boston to Vienna $485 Roundtrip

Miami to Vienna $485 Roundtrip

Chicago ORD to Vienna $485 Roundtrip

Los Angeles to Vienna $485 Roundtrip

San Francisco to Vienna $485 Roundtrip

Boston to Frankfurt $496 Roundtrip

Ft. Lauderdale to Frankfurt $496 Roundtrip

Orlando to Frankfurt $496 Roundtrip

Miami to Frankfurt $496 Roundtrip

Tampa to Frankfurt $496 Roundtrip

Chicago MDW to Frankfurt $496 Roundtrip

Chicago ORD to Frankfurt $496 Roundtrip

Denver to Frankfurt $496 Roundtrip

Los Angeles to Frankfurt $496 Roundtrip

San Francisco to Frankfurt $496 Roundtrip

Ft. Lauderdale to Vienna $500 Roundtrip

Orlando to Vienna $500 Roundtrip

Tampa to Vienna $500 Roundtrip

Chicago MDW to Vienna $500 Roundtrip

Denver to Vienna $500 Roundtrip

Oakland to Vienna $500 Roundtrip

Oakland to Frankfurt $502 Roundtrip

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