Amazing fares to Hawaii are available from several US cities. Alaska Airlines released a two-day sale dropping all of its nonstop routes between Hawaii and the mainland to just $297 roundtrip. American, Delta, United, and Hawaiian have matched and some routes go as low as $247 roundtrip. There are plenty of great deals from the midwest and east coast as well.

Although we've seen many great deals to Hawaii lately, nonstop flights from the west coast to Hawaii are about as low as they go, especially for last minute travel.

Alaska Airline's sale is advertised for travel on Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays, through October 4, 2018. Some routes are available for daily travel through September. There is no advance purchase required. Leave tonight or tomorrow if you wish!

The advertised sale on Alaska Air routes is set to expire at 11:59 pm PT, September 6. However, some of these routes are unadvertised and may jump at any time.

A sample of fares include:

Los Angeles to Kona $247 roundtrip, nonstop

Los Angeles to Kauai $247 roundtrip, nonstop

Los Angeles to Hilo $247 roundtrip, nonstop

Seattle to Kona $247 roundtrip, nonstop

Seattle to Kauai $247 roundtrip, nonstop

Anchorage to Honolulu $296 roundtrip, nonstop

Oakland to Honolulu $297 roundtrip, nonstop

Oakland to Maui $297 roundtrip, nonstop

Portland to Honolulu $297 roundtrip, nonstop

San Diego to Honolulu $297 roundtrip, nonstop

San Francisco to Honolulu $297 roundtrip, nonstop

San Francisco to Kona $297 roundtrip, nonstop

Sacramento to Maui $297 roundtrip, nonstop

San Diego to Kona $297 roundtrip, nonstop

San Jose to Maui $297 roundtrip, nonstop

San Jose to Kauai $297 roundtrip, nonstop

Los Angeles to Honolulu $297 roundtrip, nonstop

Los Angeles to Maui $297 roundtrip, nonstop

Salt Lake City to Kauai $366 roundtrip

Houston to Kona $374 roundtrip

Houston to Kauai $374 roundtrip

Minneapolis to Kauai $452 roundtrip

Fort Lauderdale to Maui $462 roundtrip

New York to Kona $462 roundtrip

Cincinnati to Kauai $462 roundtrip

Atlanta to Kauai $478 roundtrip

Boston to Kona $482 roundtrip

Baltimore to Honolulu $486 roundtrip

Boston to Honolulu $494 roundtrip

New York to Maui $494 roundtrip

For those in Hawaii, all fares also work in the reverse direction.

Have a look at our full list of departures from the mainland to Honolulu (HNL)Maui (OGG)Kauai (LIH), and Kona (KOA) to see what is available from your closest airport. Mahalo!

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